Find Joy and Meaning in a Simple Christmas

Find Joy and Meaning in a Simple Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner.

Did that statement make you a little queasy? Did your heart start pounding a little faster? Did you instinctively stiffen, bracing yourself for a mad season of busyness during which you would grit your teeth and push just to get through it?

Or did you smile and relax deeper into your seat, thinking of the peaceful, joy-filled time of preparation and family that would soon be upon you?

If you’re in that second group, this post is not for you.

If, however, getting through the Christmas season is much like surviving final exam week, I have help. I have been where you are, but no longer! Christmas can be a time of peace. It can be a time of savoring the smells and tastes of the season, holding family members a little closer, and remembering the Savior born on Christmas day. It can be fun and fulfilling without being overly busy.

Make This Christmas Special by Making This Christmas Simple

I wrote a book to help you enjoy a more peaceful Christmas, to regain the joy of the season, to deal with gifts, family, food, fun without a heaping helping of angst. It’s called From Frazzled to Festive: Finding Joy and Meaning in a Simple Christmas.

My Christmases have been getting better and better as I’ve been implementing the principles I wrote about in the book. My children have been enjoying them more, also. Even so, every once in a while, I have to go back and reread a chapter or two to keep the calm in Christmas.

Don’t barely survive Christmas. Thrive! Savor it! Love it once again like you did as a child.

One reader wrote in saying that the principles in From Frazzled to Festive could be applied to many other areas of life as well. What an excellent thought–finding joy and meaning in a simple life!

If you want to regain the joy and meaning in a simple Christmas (and a simple life), do it! Refocus on what matters most. If you need help, my book is available right here.

Learn more about From Frazzled to Festive here.

Buy From Frazzled to Festive here.

Do your family a favor--simplify Christmas this year.

Twelve Weeks of a Simple Christmas

Twelve Weeks of a Simple Christmas -- Enjoy a peaceful family Christmas this year, with prep missions, reminders, and fun family activities.

I love Christmas. I hope you do, too, because this year I’m running a series entitled Twelve Weeks of A Simple Christmas. It’s like the song Twelve Days of Christmas, except I won’t sing it. You’re welcome.

Here’s the lowdown:

This series will obviously be about twelve weeks long…unless, of course, Christmas is cancelled or I move to a country chalet in Switzerland, or I just plain quit, any of which could happen.

This is what you’ll find here over The Twelve Weeks of Christmas:

  • Christ focus–SIMPLE ways to keep the Christmas focus heavenward
  • a weekly goal to accomplish so the basics are ready on time and you’re not rushed. I’m talking basics.
  • SIMPLE recipes–original or something I peeled off the mighty web
  • SIMPLE crafts or decoration ideas–sometimes just a link and some smarmy remarks from me
  • articles from me on various Christmas-related topics with a focus on keeping it SIMPLE.
  • SIMPLE, yet FUN family activities
  • AFFORDABLE and SIMPLE gift ideas

Notice the theme? SIMPLE! 

Our missions are as follows:

  • Week 1: Plan Your Schedule
  • Week 2: Plan Your Budget
  • Week 3: Plan Your Gifts
  • Week 4: Plan Your Meals
  • Week 5: Wrapping Station
  • Week 6: Decoration Prep
  • Week 7: Take Your Photos and Order Your Cards
  • Week 8: Mail Cards and Freeze Cookie Dough
  • Week 9: Wrap and Deliver Gifts
  • Week 10: Laundry (Church Outfits, Guest Bedding, Table Cloth, Gift PJs)
  • Week 11: Wrap Up Loose Ends
  • Week 12: Help Others

If you’re looking for a Martha Stewart Christmas or an over-booked calendar, oops…you’re on the wrong blog. Sorry–except I’m not. If you’re interested in spending more time enjoying the people in your life and the pillow in your bedroom, and less time running around like a frazzled frazzly thing, stick around!

Also, check out my book, From Frazzled to Festive: Finding Joy and Meaning in a Simple Christmas. It will give your head an overhaul and help you put the joy back in Christmas, which is a great pre-Christmas gift for anyone!

Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any Christmas updates. You can also follow my Christmas pinboard where these links will be posted regularly…unless of course I move to Switzerland or Christmas is cancelled. It could happen.

If there’s anything specific, simple, and doable you would like to see here over the Twelve Weeks of Christmas, or if there is a topic you would like me to ramble about from my simple perspective, please leave a comment. I love your comments…unless you’re a spammer. Then…not so much.

What would you like to see here in the next twelve weeks?


It Must Be Christmas – A Christmas Carol by Stephen Bautista

My husband singer/songwriter Stephen Bautista just finished his brand new Christmas song, “It Must Be Christmas.” I couldn’t wait to share it with you, so he made a home recording and put it up on You Tube just in time for Christmas! I’d love it if you had a listen.

If the video isn’t showing up here, you can pop on over to You Tube and have a listen there.

From our family to yours, we wish you a blessed, meaningful Christmas season.

If you enjoy this Stephen Bautista version of a new Christmas carol, please share with your friends and family.