It Must Be Christmas – A Christmas Carol by Stephen Bautista

It Must Be Christmas - Stephen Bautista

My husband singer/songwriter Stephen Bautista just finished his brand new Christmas song, “It Must Be Christmas.” I couldn’t wait to share it with you, so he made a home recording and put it up on You Tube just in time for Christmas! I’d love it if you had a listen.

If the video isn’t showing up here, you can pop on over to You Tube and have a listen there.

From our family to yours, we wish you a blessed, meaningful Christmas season.

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9 thoughts on “It Must Be Christmas – A Christmas Carol by Stephen Bautista”

  1. Due to my health & my husband traveling for work, we don’t have much up for Christmas. I pushed through this week & have my Natitivity up. It is so special (just like my Mom’s), Jesus comes to the manger on Christmas Day. That’s all there is for now, but it is always the first to come out. I hope the kids notice what is truly important in our home & lives. Thank you for your music & the reminder.

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