Love in Action: The Power of Touch

Power of Touch

Love in Action Day 6

Today and for the rest of the Love in Action Challenge, you’re going to have lots of fun.  This one is really easy.

Love in Action: Power of Touch


Make a physical connection with your husband as often as you can.

Love in Action: TouchTouch his shoulder.

Love in Action: TouchKiss his nose.

Love in Action: TouchSmooch him in front of your children. They’ll shout “Eeeewwww!” but they will enjoy the security of knowing Mommy and Daddy love each other.

Love in Action: TouchSit as close together as possible.

Love in Action: TouchRest your head on his shoulder.

Love in Action: TouchHug him whenever you can.

Love in Action: TouchSit on his lap.

Love in Action: TouchKiss him like you mean it, even if he forgot to brush his teeth . . . but don’t forget to brush yours.

Love in Action: TouchDance together to that crazy 90s song you’ve had stuck in your head all week.

Love in Action: TouchRub his feet, his neck, his back.

Love in Action: TouchAnd yes, swat his bottom when you walk past him in the kitchen.

Love in Action: Touch

For some, this physical contact already comes naturally.  Others have grown distant, and this will be more of a challenge. Start small, and don’t expect him to respond over night if touch has become foreign to you.

If you are a mother of little children, you may have touch overload, with little hands tugging and climbing and pinching and making jelly handprints on your only clean shirt all day every day.  (I love those little hands!)  Little ones in your life needing physical contact throughout the day in no way negates your husband’s need for physical contact.  Don’t deprive him.

Have fun with it!  He’s your man.  Claim him with a kiss.

Will this challenge be hard or easy for you?

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8 thoughts on “Love in Action: The Power of Touch”

  1. This is hardest for me in the middle of the day. Inevitably my husband comes in wanting a long hug in the middle of kitchen/dinner mayhem. It’s so hard to stop in the middle to snuggle (not just a 3 second hug, either. He likes at least a full minute lol!). Thank goodness we’ve been able to talk so he realizes why it’s hard for me. It’s not lack of affection it’s the “forced stop” in the middle of my sprint. It’s easiest to slow down and snuggle at the end of the day, first thing in the morning, or even in church! Seriously, sitting in the warm sanctuary with the kids safely in Sunday school… it’s the perfect time to put my head on his shoulder, hold hands, massage his hand, etc.

    I love these Love in Action challenges!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Unless there’s a dinner-will-be-ruined-or-a-child-will-be-injured moment, I try to stop and connect for a moment. But you’re right, it is easier at the end of the day.

      Thank you for your encouraging comment!

  2. This will be my easy one, I have no sense of personal space. I hug, grope, kiss, touch, sit too close, lay my head on shoulders, i may rub your arm just talking to you! I am not just referring to my husband :/ I do this to my friends too(not the kiss and grope)! As for the rest of the challenges, it’s hard for me to be all dressed fancy scrubbing my tub, but I have made it a point to be dressed before my man gets home!
    I have really enjoyed the Love in Action challenges, I am not at 100% but hey, I’m trying!

    1. I don’t dress fancy scrubbing my tub either! 🙂 I scrub my shower while I’m in it taking a shower–no fancy outfit there!

      I don’t think there is a 100% mark. Trying is all any of us can do. I’m glad you’re enjoying the challenges. Thanks for commenting!

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