Love in Action: Smile Even More

Love in Action Smile

Mary Cassatt 1901Today we begin the second half of Love in Action focusing on our children.

Keep up with the loving actions toward your man — they’re not that hard!  Most husbands are bumped to the back of the bus when babies come along, so let’s keep them up in the driver’s seat throughout the rest of the challenge.

Now, onto our children.

Love in Action Day 8

This is the easiest and most fun thing you can do for your children.


Every time your child walks in the room, light up your face like a Christmas tree, like a neon sign, like a . . . really big, bright thing.

Donna of Positive Parenting 3-6-5 calls it the 1000-watt smile.

Shine it!

That smile tells your children you are happy to see them, happy to have them near you.  It gives them a sense of belonging, of love, of comfort.  It lets them know you want them there.  There is little better for a child of any age than feeling wanted, loved, secure.

No matter what you’re feeling, no matter what they’re interrupting, no matter how much mud they just traipsed in the house, look at their eyes, at their hearts, and smile!

And mean it.

Every time you smile at someone,

it is an action of love, a gift to that person,

a beautiful thing.

~Mother Teresa

Have you fallen out of the habit of smiling at your children?

Artwork: Mary Cassatt, 1801

4 thoughts on “Love in Action: Smile Even More”

    1. I have the same issue some days. When I force a smile onto my face, I start to FEEL like smiling, and everyone else starts smiling, too. It’s contagious! 🙂 See. Your smile made me smile.

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