Love in Action: Feed Your Man

Love in Action: Feed Your Man

In the old adage rings an element of truth:

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Have you ever noticed that most men don’t complicate life to the same extent as women.  If their basic needs are fulfilled, they’re generally content.  It is within our power to fulfill those basic needs and make our men happy. That leads to our next loving action.

Love in Action: Feed Your ManLove in Action Day 4

Today and for the rest of the challenge we will concentrate on something that may not be quite as simple as some of our previous actions, but is equally important and a pivotal focus of the simplified life.

Feed your man!

Read that again.  It says “Feed your man!”  It doesn’t say feed yourself and let your man have some or feed the child disguised as your husband.

Feed your man!

What does your man like to eat?  What would he love to see on the table?  What would he love to see in his lunch?  Does he even get a lunch?  What would he love on the breakfast table?  Or is he on his own for breakfast, too?  Does he have to ask permission to eat in his own house?

Love in Action: Feed Your Man

First, feed him. If your man has to go to work and you don’t, then, please, feed him before he leaves.  Pack him a lunch.  Have dinner started when he comes home.  Make it a priority.

Second, feed him something he wants. If your husband is a meat man, give him some meat!  You don’t have to give him meat every day, but don’t totally deprive him.  If your husband likes homemade cookies, have some for him when he comes home once in a while.  If your husband likes Cheesewhiz on his veggies, well, as much as it pains this farm-raised girl to say it, douse those green delights in a gooey mess of fake cheese . . . once in a while.

I know all the arguments against this action, including the “it’s not love if I feed him something that’s not good for him” argument.  Believe me, I’ve used them ALL trying to justify not cheesewhizzing up the veggies. (Yes, cheesewhizzing is a verb.)  Instead of debating the issue, let’s have story time.  Put on your listening ears!

Dick and Jane

I know of a man—we’ll call him Dick—who was diagnosed with diabetes.  His wife—Jane, of course—out of sincere love cooked everything absolutely perfectly to manage his condition.  And this is a good thing . . . to a point.  Like a mother with a nursing child just starting on solids, Jane controlled every bite that went into Dick’s mouth.

Fast forward to his retirement.

Every day Dick would head out for a drive and guy time with friends.  Jane loved that her husband maintained this “him time,” and she fully supported it . . . every day.  Do you know where Dick really went?  He went out for a burger.  He went out to get a little satisfaction that he could not get at home.  In her overly zealous efforts to make him healthy, Jane had made him dissatisfied, and Dick dealt with it through deceit.  Did it kill him?  Well, Dick did eventually die . . . at 96. True story . . . except the names.

Give him something he wants. Give him steak at home, and he won’t go out looking for burgers.  As for me, I will be Cheesewhizzing up some veggies now and then.  Really.

What does your man like to eat that you prefer not to serve?  In other words, what’s your Cheese Whiz?

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9 thoughts on “Love in Action: Feed Your Man”

  1. We get caught up in the “what to eat, what not to eat” mentality we forget we need to respect what our husbands may want even if it isn’t the healthiest thing in the world.
    It’s all about balance.
    I run into the same “trouble” with the Hubs and our son. I avoid fast food like it’s the plague. Hubs will eat at McDonald’s daily if he could. I have to have peace that I feed them well 95% of the time and if they are out and about and stop for fries and a burger it will not kill them.
    It’s all about balance.

    1. Amen, Sistah! We have the same philosophy, although right now it’s a 100% philosophy for me with baby’s allergies, and about a 97/3 philosophy with everyone else…since it’s not as much fun eating junk around someone who can’t have it. 😉

  2. This is amazing truth. I love seeing how happy my man is when he has good food made for him. It’s just difficult when we both work… Opposite schedules, nonetheless. Any tips?

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