Love in Action: Dress Up Challenge

Love in Action: Dress Up Challenge

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeIf I were a betting gal, and I’m not, I would wager a fair sum of my children’s savings that, before you married your husband, you always tried to look your best when you knew he’d be around.  After several years of marriage, a few children, a dog, and a pile of laundry the size of a Chevy Express van, looking good for your man has most likely been bumped down a few pegs on the priority list.

I’m sure he’d like to see it bumped back up.

Let’s face it. Men are attracted to their wives physically. And that’s a good thing. I mean, seriously, I wouldn’t want my husband to be repulsed by me. But many women think men are shallow for wanting their women to look . . . well, womanly.

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeLet’s face another fact. We women are attracted to our men, too. You may like your husband to be clean cut and preppy or, as I prefer mine, looking manly and rugged. You are attracted to your man when he dresses a certain way, showers on occasion, brushes his teeth. You get the picture. Does that make us shallow?

Long, thoughtful pause.

Physical attraction between a husband and wife is a blessing. Now let’s stop talking about it and get down to business.

Love in Action Day 3

Today and for the rest of the Love in Action series, you have a very simple task.

Get dressed!

But there are rules to the dress up challenge.

Don’t act so surprised. You knew there would be.

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeFrump is strictly forbidden! And that includes bedtime.

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeIf your husband hates it, you may not wear it. You may burn it, bury it, or donate it, but you may not wear it.

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeTry not to wear the same thing every day. Shake things up a little.

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeDon’t wear his clothes…unless he wants you to.

Do your hair. I don’t care how. Just do something your husband likes. Brush it, braid it, twist it, clip it, spray it purple. Just don’t look like you crawled out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. On second thought, skip the purple.

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeDo your face. Does your hero prefer a made-up face or a fresh-faced look?

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeDo what he likes.

Love in Action: Dress Up ChallengeSo often I overhear women discussing the unreasonable requests of their husbands. Almost without fail the discussions end with the woman having chosen to do as she wishes, regardless of her man’s wishes, and the other women cheering her on. Oh, how it breaks my heart! So your husband likes long hair and you want it short. Is your hair that much more important than your man? He doesn’t want you to wear lipstick, so he can kiss you without fretting over face paint. The ogre! He likes you in a skirt, but you’ll only wear jeans. Where does your hero rank?

Dress for him.

And wear that smile.

In a few days, the family will stop asking where you’re going.

What will be the hardest aspect for you about the Love in Action Dress Up Challenge?

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Love in Action: Dress Up Challenge

Original artwork credit: My daughter Marissa

Photo credit: The Simple Homemaker

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9 thoughts on “Love in Action: Dress Up Challenge”

  1. hahaha… “Your family will stop asking where you’re going.” I did this today, before I read your post, because *I* needed it. I needed the motivation that I’m not just a wife, a housewife, a mom, a work-from-home mom. I needed to remember MYSELF. It just so happens it’s a bonus for my family.

    1. It is a bonus. And the “just” can be removed. You are very important both as an individual and to your family. Your worth is far above rubies! 🙂 I wonder if they ever do think of mothers as real people, though.

  2. My husband actually said something to me about all the t-shirts and jeans I wear, I decided he was right, I was being lazy. I got rid of almost all of the t-shirts and went thrift shopping and bought some blouses. He was happy to see me dressed in something less frumpy!

  3. I’m struggling with this right now…for reasons I won’t state here, but I will make an effort to look nice today. 🙂
    I like wearing skirts most of the time anyway, and Barry loves it – so I’ll make sure and do that today. Thanks Christy!

    Also, wearing an apron makes me feel pretty and sexy. Isn’t that silly? LOL I guess that’s why I have about 20. 😉

  4. Goodness, I need to take this challenge to heart! I do wear my hair the way my husband likes it, and try to dress up for him on occasion, but I also look frumpy during the day 🙁

    The other day I had just changed out of my sweatpants and my astute 1 year old son took one look at me and said “Bye bye?” I realized I only really “dress up” when I’m leaving the house. Yikes!

  5. Excellent post! What does it say about me when I decide my wardrobe on ‘if I have to leave the house today, I better wear something other than sweats’? Really makes me wonder who I am dressing for; others and not my hubby. Perfect time for the challenge, I say! :} Thanks so much for the ideas, but yes, I will hold off on the purple hair 🙂

  6. I love the entire challenge except for the hair part. I look terrible with long hair even though my dear hubby would probably like me to have long hair again. However, at this time in my life I don’t “feel like myself” with longer hair. I had long hair until I was about 38 and then cut it to shoulder length. Most of the time it was in a pony tail or I’d occasionally french braid it. Now at 51 it is short and I love it.

    By the way…I LOVE wearing skirts instead of shorts so that is my way of dressing nicely! 🙂

  7. Great post! One every woman should take to heart. I find it interesting how woman please themselves over their husbands (myself included at times) I have begun to dress nicer and not as frumpy (why are the frumpy clothes the most comfortable, I am finding that what we wear the most becomes the most comfortable to us)I also honor my husbands wishes about my hair. It is long and he HATES ponytails and braids! When we 1st got married this was very frustrating because I would braid my hair at night before marriage and before we dated I would often braid it during the day or wear a ponytail. Well, in the three years we’ve been married I can’t say I have never braided my hair or worn a ponytail, but I’ve been careful to only do it if I know that he will not be around then (at a camp/retreat or something like that) believe me he notices what your hair looks like. I also found it interesting that over 50% of guys polled for a national teen magazine (I forget the name of it) chose long hair over shoulder length, ear length or shorter hair on girls. Ladies lets give our man what he desires and likes.

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