A Few Easter “Necessities” for a Simple Celebration

Top Easter Posts from The Simple Homemaker--for real people in real life homes.

Top Easter Posts from The Simple Homemaker--for real people in real life homes.

In case you’re wracking your brain trying to remember how on earth to boil eggs, what on earth to do with those eggs, and what in tarnation (wherever that is) to serve on Easter, I’ve got a few reminders from years past.

The Jelly Bean Gospel: You can buy this, but why not make it with your kids.

Jelly Bean Pinnable

How to Boil a Perfect Egg: This tutorial from our entertaining firstborn works every time.

Perfect Hardboiled Eggs (1)

This simple tip will, sadly, break the tradition of your children going to church with dye up to their wrists.

Use a Whisk To Remove Eggs from Boiling Water or Dye Pinnable

Creative Easter Egg Design: It ain’t Pin-worthy, but it is fun!

PicMonkey Collage (1)

How to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs: Everyone has a method–this is ours.

Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs Pinnable

Deviled Eggs and Egg Chick Recipes: Too fun to eat–not!


Egg Chicks pinnable

Recipe for Egg Salad: Stick with the basics, or transform the humble egg into a work of culinary art!

Egg Salad Sands

How to Bake a Ham: Cheapest ham, best results.

Ham Pinnable

How to Keep Potatoes from Browning: A simple make-ahead tip.

How to Keep Potatoes From Browning


Easter Recipe Round-up: Just pick something from each category and you’re all set…except you still have to make it.


10 Ways to Use Up Easter Eggs: In case you have 9 dozen, like we do.

Use Up Easter Eggs

And if you still need an Easter basket idea, it’s not too late to get this Faith Builder’s Bible from Amazon (affiliate link):

Faith Builders Bible -- A Review by a Homeschool Mom and Her Son

And it’s never ever too late to give your children a sense of the Resurrection…even after Easter.

Sense of Resurrection Feature

Have a blessed Easter, don’t eat too much chocolate, and remember what the empty tomb really means–Jesus (God) lived and died for you, and then He came back to life. Why? So you could do the exact same thing. Don’t try to figure it out–we can’t love like that. Just appreciate it.


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