10 Ways to Use Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

Ways to use up leftover hard-boiled eggs

10 Ways to Use Up Easter Eggs

Eggs have a natural protective coating that keeps the inside of the egg fresh despite the porous nature of the shell.  When you boil hard-boiled eggs, you wash the protective coating off the shell, taking away nature’s preservative.

If properly refrigerated, hard-boiled eggs are generally considered edible for a week after they are boiled. (No need for confessions here about how long any of us actually let those eggs go!) That gives you an incredibly short amount of time to use up the 9 dozen eggs you boiled for Easter.

10 Ways to Use Up Easter Eggs

Here are 10 ways to use up the eggs before they go bad. Some are common, others are unique. The combination will keep your family from saying “Eggs?! Again?!!!”

10 Ways to Use Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eat them as is…sort of: hard-boiled eggs make a great quick breakfast, easy lunch addition, or protein-rich snack. They are less boring if you use your mama powers to transform them into an adorable family of chicks or regal egg penguins.


Sliced on salads: a salad bar with sliced fruits, veggies, seeds, and hard-boiled egg slices makes a great lunch or light dinner.

Top soups: slice them and use them to top soups such as saimin, our personal favorite “fast food” noodle soup from Hawaii. Many saimin recipes call for scrambling the eggs, but we noticed that the locals slice hard-boiled eggs and drop them on top.

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Potato salad: use as an add-in for potato salad. There are about 3 million different recipes for potato salad, so choose your favorite or check out this impressive list of potato salad recipes from Idaho, where they know potatoes!

Deviled eggs (or stuffed eggs): try this deviled eggs recipe or the accompanying tutorial for these darling chicks if you’re feeling creative.


Add-ins: chop the eggs and add them to just about anything, from a breakfast bake to a noodle casserole.

Egg salad: this basic recipe for egg salad also lists numerous variations as well as an egg salad quesadilla.


Scotch eggs: If you’ve never eaten these Scottish sausage-wrapped eggs, you’ve never…well…eaten them. If you’re intimidated by the traditional deep-fried Scotch eggs, try this recipe for baked Scotch eggs.

Make meatloaf: Huh? Okay, so this Filipino style meatloaf is not exactly quick and simple, but it is Filipino, and I married a Filipino, and, seriously, meatloaf with hard boiled eggs in it? Um, yum! You at least have to take a look. (You can vary the recipe if you don’t like raisins and sweet relish in your loaf, but why not be adventurous!)

Ways to Use Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

Make cookies: here is a modernized approach to making Lezindoich or lemon dough cookies if you don’t have a ricer to rice the eggs. Fear not—it’s simple!  Here are a few more hard-boiled egg cookie recipes, like oatmeal and chocolate. Mmmm.

How to Use Up Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

And a bonus use–Target practice: if you can’t manage to eat up all the eggs before they’ve expired, send the kiddos into the woods to toss them at a tree.  The critters will thank you.

What is your favorite way to use up leftover hard-boiled eggs?


15 thoughts on “10 Ways to Use Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs”

    1. I couldn’t bring myself to add pickled eggs to the list. 🙂

      Genius is as genius does, and sometimes I put egg on my salad and set my whole plate down somewhere and can’t remember where I put it…so…I guess that makes me a hungry genius.

  1. Love the ideas except the Scotch Eggs. It sounds awful.

    Hard-boiled eggs on salad are great, particularly if you saute onions and put them on the salad. We had leftovers from Fajitas and used them on a salad once. Great!

    1. Oh, that’s too funny, Harriet, because I was thinking those sounded terrific and wished I could try them! Ha ha! But I like sausage and breading and deep frying…and round food. 🙂

      Thanks for the sauteed onions tip! I should try that.

  2. One meal that always pleases my 3 picky eaters will use up alot of eggs. They call it egg soup, but it is really a white gravy made with hard boiled eggs instead of with meat and is usually served over biscuits. Essentially it’s biscuits and gravy. I will tell you my weird kiddos prefer to keep the “soup”and the biscuits separate, but there are never any leftovers. Recipe courtesy of my grandmother.

  3. These are FUN!

    Especially the cookies because what’s not to love about a) eating cookies, and b) telling the fam they’re eating hard-boiled eggs? Hehehe.

    I’ve wanted to make Scotch eggs for quite some time. They sound delicious! Although I’m pretty sure that anything wrapped in sausage sounds delicious. 😉

    Thanks for the ideas, Christy.

    1. My husband’s still reeling. He was on his third cookie when we told him they were made from HB eggs. I thought he was going to toss his cookies…literally. He was still talking about it the next day. It’s fun to mess with everyone’s minds once in a while.

      I’m thinking you could deep fry those Scotch egg babies, put ’em on a stick, and make a fortune at State Fairs everywhere!

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  4. They sell Scoth Eggs at the Maryland Renaissance Festival .. it’s kindo of awesome, though I don’t eat meat anymore so I haven’t had one in a long time.

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