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Just so you know: I was given a free download of HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections by the amazing Home School in the Woods to review. All opinions are my own–okay, that’s a lie. Some of the opinions are actually my kids’, but rest assured that they’re not easily influenced…except by chocolate.  Anyone who knows my roadschooling/life approach knows I am totally into simple. Simple to…

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Join The Simple Homemaker in setting mostly measurable, manageable goals for February.

How did you do on your January goals? If you did great, great! If you overdid your goals, cut back for February. Remember, make it manageable. Remember the ridiculously obvious rules for our mostly measurable, manageable monthly goals: They should be mostly measurable. It’s manageable. It’s a monthly goal. My list is shorter this month than last, because–confession time–I overdid it last month. And because my…

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Pie Heritage (1)

It’s my grandfather’s birthday. He would have been 91 today if he weren’t already in the arms of Jesus. So today we had two lemon meringue pies for breakfast. I can see you’re not following me. Let me jump back a few decades. Grandpa’s birthday is January 29; mine is February 1. I grew up on Grandpa’s farm. He was the father I always wanted,…

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10 Manners to Teach Your Kids

There were eight pieces of fudge on the little plate at the end of the refreshment buffet on Sunday after the morning service at the church we visited last year. There were 110 people in attendance. If I had made that fudge, I would have eaten all eight pieces myself rather than subject 102 people to fudgeless disappointment.  But that’s not the point. The point…

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The amazing benefits to nutritional cleansing--it's not a diet, but you'll look great!

Today’s guest writer is Leanne. I first met Leanne at a church in Florida where she was vacationing with her family. We then re-met in Wisconsin at her home church. To understand why she is posting here, you have to know that Leanne is fit and gorgeous. When she casually mentioned that she was 40, I said, “Give me your business card!” She did better than…

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January Goals

This post contains affiliate links and goals. Thought you ought to know. I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, because, for example, let’s say you resolve to fit into that size smaller jeans and find out two weeks later that you’re pregnant–celebratory fail! Let’s say it’s super important to you to quit watching television, but then your grandfather invites you to spend every Saturday, Sunday, Monday…

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Charlotte Mason Preschool through Read this review from a roadschooling family of 10 and get 50% off!

Read this review from a roadschooling family of 10 and get 50% off!

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