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Why I Don’t Post More Often (I Blame Peter)


I have a confession to make. Sometimes I miss blog post deadlines. In fact, I’m “supposed” to be posting twice a week, and sometimes I only post twice a month. Oops. I just missed a deadline. I blame Peter. You see, Peter was madly in love with Lucy. He loved her so much that he promised to change his name to Jack if she would…

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10 Tips for Simplifying Complicated Relationships

10 Tips for Simplifying Complicated Relationships {}

Relationships make life worth living…but sometimes they can make life a little too, shall we say, complicated. Relationships are not easy, but they can be simple. In other words, all good relationships need work, but they do not need to be complicated to be effective and enjoyable. Take the time to simplify the complicated (and even the uncomplicated) relationships in your life, and you’ll find yourself…

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Does Valentine’s Day Complicate Relationships?

How to Not Complicate Your Marriage {}

At the risk of sounding like a hater, I admit that I’m not big on Valentine’s Day the way it is often celebrated in my great big beautiful USA. What’s not to like? Here are the Valentine’s Day biggies that rub me the wrong way: Crowds of “last-minute” men in the 20-items-or-less aisle hoping their tinted carnations and cheap chocolates show enough “love” to appease…

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How To Mail a Hug – A 10-Step Picture Tutorial

How To Mail A Hug 1

Today I welcome four charming guests sharing their 10-step picture tutorial on How to Mail a Hug. This idea originated at Tons of Fun. Her adorable version of a long-distance hug uses paint and ribbon, neither of which we have in our travel trailer. Therefore, we embraced creativity and frugality to create our own versions using what we had on hand. We spent no money…

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Fitting in Fitness on the Road with 7 Kids and a Dog |

I am not a fitness expert. In fact, even though I was my high school valedictorian, I failed gym class in college. Life is funny like that. (You didn’t know that, did you, Mom? Surprise!) Here’s why I failed. Consistency, which is sometimes the same as boredom. The class required me to come to the same room in the same building the same three days every week…

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4 Thoughts on Tragedy, Family, Focus, and Faith

4 Thoughts

I’m supposed to be writing about Brussels sprouts. Somehow, I can’t force myself to think about Brussels sprouts right now (although these particular sprouts were unusually delicious). Another school shooting took place last week. I’m sure you heard. I wasn’t going to write about it, because it feels like capitalizing on tragedy. But somehow, I find myself here in the dark writing, a small child…

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Truth in the Tinsel – Hands-on Family Advent Fun

Truth in the Tinsel

Three things before we begin: This is last year’s review of Truth in the Tinsel, before we got into it much. I’m reposting this, because we really liked it, and I share things I like with you…because I like you. This post contains affiliate links. In fact, I think all the links are affiliate links. Whoa. Intense. If you want to skip my review and…

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