The Serve One Another in Love Cafe

When my children are at each other, I sometimes require them to do something nice for one other: make a bed, fold laundry, share something, do each other’s chores, scratch each other’s backs…gently.

My seeester-in-law-and-in-love, Karen Baye, has taken this to a whole new level. When her four blessings were not treating each other like blessings, she invited them all to lunch at the Serve One Another in Love Café.

The Serve One Another in Love Cafe |

When they arrived at the café (also known as the kitchen), there was no lunch prepared. Instead they were greeted by a patient mama with these instructions:

Welcome to the Serve One Another in Love Café!

  • Each child must prepare lunch for the child immediately younger than him or her…and the youngest child must feed the dog. (Mama will feed the oldest.)
  • Each chef must prepare something their café patron would truly enjoy. In other words, no anchovies for a fish-hater and no salad for a dedicated carnivore.

The result? A happy family of well-fed children enjoying their time serving one another in love. Sure, one of them had a marshmallow sandwich for lunch, but it was served with a side of love and a big ol’ helping of brotherly affection.

Well played, Sis! Well played, indeed.

How do you encourage your children to serve one another in love?

Photo Credit: Karen and Scott Baye