Poetry Study and Spiritual Growth with George Herbert

Take note, loyal readers! We were given a copy of Working it Out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert. from Everyday Education, LLC in exchange for this review.

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Beautiful Handwriting, Literature and Poetry {Everyday Education, LLC}

Now, I know I said that this is a fair and unbiased review, but I have been a Janice Campbell stalker for a long time. Her sight, Everyday Education, shares her experience as a homeschooler of four boys who have already graduated…so you’re not getting a preschool mom’s views on teaching teens–pet peeve! Her approach is a Charlotte Mason approach, combined with some Jeffersonian education and classical. What that boils down to, for those of you who think I just spoke a foreign 0language, is no busy work and no dumbed-down reading.

I love her perspective and her articles. I think that might taint my perspective just a bit…don’t you? I don’t care! If you care, stuff a cookie in your mouth–that will make you feel better.

This is what she gave us:
Beautiful Handwriting, Literature and Poetry {Everyday Education, LLC}

The idea behindĀ Working it Out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert is that it is both a spiritual exercise and a lesson in poetry analysis.

Who is this Herbert guy?

Herbert is a British poet and rector from the 17th century. You may have heard him quoted by the likes of C.S. Lewis and Jan Karon, two personal faves of mine. Any friend of Lewis and Karon is a friend of mine! His poetry was published posthumously by a friend. Herbert asked his buddy to read his poems and do something with them if he thought them worthy, but no if they weren’t. What a lesson in humility!

Herbert’s poetry delves deeply into the relationship between God and man, which is where the spiritual growth aspect of this piece comes in. Each poem serves as a launching pad for Biblical discussion and spiritual growth. (When I say “spiritual,” I don’t mean how people mean it today–I mean a relationship and understanding of the true Triune God as presented in Scripture, both Old and New Testament. I’m not getting all New Agey on you.)

What can I do with this book?

The book’s intention is also to help readers understand poetry…and Herbert’s isn’t exactly the easiest to understand, so it’s definitely a study! The methodology you’ll learn to understand it can be applied to any poetry you read…and write, I might add!

The author created a study by breaking each poem down like this:

  • The Big Picture–what the poem is about
  • The Parts of the Picture–breaking it down to look at the stanzas, poetry techniques, and other details
  • The Parts of the Picture Come Together–the flow of the poem, basically. That’s not a good explanation. Basically the overall flow of thought
  • Reflections–questions to get you thinking
  • Scriptures for Further Reflection–self-explanatory

If you study it weekly, it will take you a year to work through the 51 works. I recommend taking a year and a half or two, so poetry is enjoyed and not forced down your children’s throats. MY kids love poetry, but not all are the same.

I also recommend using a few of these pieces as memory and copy work. They would look beautiful printed neatly and framed. I do encourage you, from time to time, to have the children imitate Herbert’s style and write poems of their own on similar topics. You may well be amazed and ignite a spark in your children.

I don’t recommend this as your child’s first exposure to poetry. If, however, your children have enjoyed simpler poetry, this is a most excellent method of taking it to the next level. With a poet in the family (our Hannah), I love how this shows ways you can use poetry to God’s glory, which she strives to do also, by the way.
Roadschoolers, this is a digital download, so you can pop it on to your devices when you have the opportunity. No space, no constant internet access…hooray…unless you’re old school like me and prefer a book in hand, which, sadly, takes up space. I know, my life is full of inner turmoil. Wink wink.

Get to know Janice Campbell a bit better through social media, if that’s how you roll. The links are below:

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Beautiful Handwriting, Literature and Poetry {Everyday Education, LLC}


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