Twelve Weeks of a Simple Christmas 2017

It’s time once again to start thinking about Christmas. Whether you go all out or you buy a box of Oreos and eat them all while singing Away in a Manger, Christmas will be here before you know it. I want you to be prepared. That is why I am once again running my annual series entitled Twelve Weeks of a Simple Christmas. It’s like the song Twelve Days of Christmas, except I won’t sing it. You’re welcome.

Here’s the lowdown:

This series will obviously be about twelve weeks long…unless, of course, Christmas is cancelled, I move to a country chalet in France our nine-year-old has been begging for, or I just plain quit so I have more time for my new crazy book about our crazy ol’ life, any of which could happen.

This is what you’ll find here over The Twelve Weeks of Christmas:

  • Christ focus–SIMPLE ways to keep the Christmas focus heavenward
  • a weekly goal to accomplish so the basics are ready on time and you’re not rushed. I’m talking basics.
  • AFFORDABLE and SIMPLE gift ideas, mostly posted on Facebook as I find them, but there will also be a running list posted on the blog to ignite ideas in your noggin (you’re on the blog now–don’t panic.)
  • a few simple and fun recipes, activity, and craft ideas that I want you to completely ignore if you don’t have time for them. I’ll be ignoring them right along with you.
  • thoughts on a simple holiday season and what really matters–spoiler alert: Jesus, others, you (Joy).
  • shameless plugging of my book From Frazzled to Festive: Finding Joy and Meaning in a Simple ChristmasAlso, lots of honesty.

Notice the theme? SIMPLE! 

Our missions are as follows:

If you’re looking for a Martha Stewart Christmas or an over-booked calendar, you’re on the wrong blog. Sorry–except I’m not. If you’re interested in spending more time enjoying the people in your life, the chocolate in your pantry, and the pillow in your bedroom, and less time running around like a frazzled frazzly thing, stick around!

Also, check out my book, From Frazzled to Festive: Finding Joy and Meaning in a Simple Christmas. It will give your head an overhaul and help you put the joy back in Christmas, which is a great pre-Christmas gift for anyone! (Told you I’d be plugging that baby!)

Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any Christmas updates. You can also follow my Christmas pinboard where these links will be posted regularly…unless of course I move to France or Christmas is cancelled. It could happen.

If there’s anything specific, simple, and doable you would like to see here over the Twelve Weeks of a Simple Christmas, or if there is a topic you would like me to ramble about from my simple perspective, please leave a comment. I love your comments…unless you’re a spammer. Then, not so much.

What would you like to see here in the next twelve weeks?