Free Online Quilting Class and How To Know If You Should Take on a New Project

Free Online Quilting Class and How To Know If You Should Take on a New Project

I have wanted to quilt for…well, if I tell you for how long, you’ll probably do the math and figure out how old I am, and the unwritten, unbreakable code of illogical female behavior states that 39-year-old women must under no circumstances reveal their ages, so let’s just say I’ve wanted to quilt for a long time, and so have my girls. It’s finally time to begin quilting!

Free Online Quilting Class
Learning to use a sewing machine at a young age...and yes, it does work better with your tongue out.

Since I am obviously about returning to the basics, simplifying, and decluttering, you may be wondering why I have decided to take on something new, which leads to an interesting question.

How does a person know if adding a project such as quilting (or crocheting or scrapbooking or making jewelry or refinishing furniture or…) in this season of life is appropriate? Ask yourself these questions, and if you have solid, realistic answers, you pass!

How to Know If You Should Take on a New Project

Free Online Quilting Class

Have you decluttered all nonessential expectations, projects, and clutter? If you’re barely keeping your head above water, now is not the time to add more weight. There will be a time…it just isn’t now. Personally, I have whittled my life queue down to the basics and can take on one project with my children.  (One project, not 100.)


Free Online Quilting Class

Will you be sacrificing family time or personal sanity?  Because we incorporate handicrafts into our schooling, quilting will fit neatly. My older children can learn with me, while the younger set can work on related skills their siblings have already mastered. Plus, I always find a way for littles to help and learn.


Free Online Quilting Class

Is it realistic within your current skill set? This is a simple quilting class and a simple learning platform. In our case, our sewing skills are such that advancing to quilting is a logical next step, as opposed to trying to take on a large project without the previous ability to thread a needle or a machine.  My four older children know how to sew and have tackled smaller projects, so all of us working together on one quilt—no problem!


Free Online Quilting Class

Is this a beneficial use of your time?  In other words, is it better than what you would otherwise be pursuing? Regarding quilting, it’s never a waste of time to teach children a life skill.  Plus I’m cold, so making a big warm blanket is ideal!


Free Online Quilting ClassDoes it fit your budget, location, and schedule?  Our quilting lessons are free, online, and at our convenience.  The materials are also free, since we have scraps and fabric at our disposal from all those unfinished projects from my previous life as The Complicated Home Clutterer (The Simple Homemaker’s arch-nemesis).


What?!  Free?!!  You betcha!  Here’s the info:

Free Online Quilting Class

Craftsy, the largest online crafting community (at least that I’m aware of) has a free online block of the month quilting class.  The classes can be viewed at your convenience, with two blocks taught per month for ten months.  The last two months are dedicated to putting the quilt together, so you’re not stuck with what would essentially amount to 20 placemats.  Amy, the instructor (isn’t she cute?!) is fantastic and available for questions, and the price (free) is perfect!

Click here to check out the free quilting class!

Cheap Craft Supplies and Classes

Craftsy also sells discounted craft supplies…I mean seriously discounted.  If you have an Etsy or other business, want your quilt to look exactly like the Craftsy instructor’s, or simply love to knit, make jewelry, sew, (insert your favorite craft here), check out Craftsy’s online prices for fat quarters, organic yarn, and more.  Sign up to be notified of the deal of the day, or just browse. (I don’t receive a commission for what you buy, just so you know.)

There are also numerous other beginner, intermediate, and advanced online classes that Craftsy offers, each taught by professionals in the field. What?! No, you’re not too old! Our friend Jan the Pepper Jam Lady just learned how to do glass fusing and now sells her work…and she’s in her 80s!

See what I’m talking about by clicking here.

Cheap and Free Patterns

Craftsy’s newest addition is a pattern marketplace through which pattern designers can sell their patterns.  Because Craftsy does not charge the designers to market their patterns, prices are ridiculously low and sometimes free.  I like free.

Click here to check it out.

Joining Craftsy is free, too.

If your life is decluttered enough that you can comfortably add a class or project, if you need a more affordable source for craft supplies, or if you simply want to join a crafting community,  Craftsy is calling your name. Seriously, I can hear it.

If your life is cluttered, hectic, and overscheduled, put down your mouse and walk away. No, better yet, run!

Do you craft?

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