3 Tips on How to Stop a Run in Nylon Stockings

How To Stop a Run in Nylon Stockings

The kids were already climbing into the van to hit the road for an early morning set of my husband’s concerts when I realized my nylons had a snag.  Not just a snag, a run.  Not just a run, the Grand Canyon racing down my thigh.  With no time to spare, I could not change.  I had about 20 seconds to implement Plan B: repair.

How To Stop a Run in Nylon Stockings

How to Stop a Run in Nylon Stockings

How to Stop a Run in Nylon StockingsNail polish–this is the old tried and true.  Dab a little nail polish on the area around the run to keep it from spreading.  Let it dry.  Voila! Clear is preferred, but if all you have is red and the run is on your ankle, why not paint on a flower! (Unfortunately for me, I don’t have nail polish.)


How to Stop a Run in Nylon StockingsHair spray–another old favorite.  Spray the area around the run. Let it dry, repeat.  Depending on the mammoth proportions of the run, you may need to use about as much hairspray as a locker room full of teenage girl in the late 80s.  (Unfortunately for me, the only mild hairspray I had in the house would be no match for the Civil War going on with my panty hose.)


How to Stop a Run in Nylon StockingsJam–dab a little jam on the area and gently wipe off the excess.  Tear off a small piece of tissue or napkin to place on the jam, if you like, to keep it from getting on your skirt while it dries.  Any sticky substance will work, as long as it will dry. (Peanut butter won’t dry, people! School glue will.)  If your body heat keeps the jam slightly sticky, the tissue will make that a non-issue.

My jammed nylons survived two of my husband’s concerts, three hours in the van, an hour of set-up and take-down, and two extra hours of socializing and child tending.  Sweet–in more ways than one!

What is your best tip for how to stop a run in nylon stockings?

Thanks to Blue Velvet Vintage for the great vintage stocking ad!

13 thoughts on “3 Tips on How to Stop a Run in Nylon Stockings”

  1. This is the only trend Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is wearing that I do not welcome. Do we really want to return to the wearing of nylons? I’ve really enjoyed the decade without them. 🙂 I guess I should start collecting these tips in case the fashion spreads to my area. Last winter the trend hadn’t reached us yet, but I will bookmark this just in case. Thanks!

  2. I’m in my office, reading this. I have none of the above. But I DO have toothpaste in my purse. So guess what? It’s on my stockings now, and I get to smell minty fresh all day. I sure hope it works. It’s not just one run, it’s like a race; 5 lines, all racing towards my ankle.

      1. Yes, but so will anything similar that sort of gunks up the spot. I think Elmer’s glue would work and would dry better…you know, in a pinch.

  3. Hello i am a 25H 365 crossdresser my mother learned me EVERTHING about womans fashion as soon as she found out that i wanted to wear skirts&dresses-she and her mother used nailpolish

  4. I am a pastors wife and sleeping with two wealthy men in our church and so sometimes when the one man wants me in a skirt pantyhose sometimes I will wear a size smaller than my actual size to make them shine better and so it will show my legs off more but when there’s a run I found that the nail polish really works especially the clear kind because sometimes what they do is they will grab you from behind the men will and sometimes when they touch your rear it may cause a run because when they grab you and I’m always switching out pantyhose for one out there to another depending on which one that they want me in as far as the skirt outfit sometimes they want me in purple sometimes they won’t need wine sometimes they want me to charcoal pantyhose sometimes they want me to dude and he has so I’m always switching the mountain I was trying to be careful not to run them with my fingernails while I’m putting them on so I found that the nail polish looks better than anything

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