Having a lot of children may take a toll on the waistline, but not on the hearing. Sure, when someone small cries out from the bathroom, “I missed,” we moms of many pretend we can’t hear in hopes that Daddy will go handle potty patrol.  In reality, however, the more children a mama has, the more highly attuned her sense of hearing becomes.  Therefore, the comments people mutter when our large family parades by do not fall on deaf ears.  

Large Families: Making Time for Everyone

The first thing I usually hear from the parade watchers is, “She has seven children?! Wow, she looks amazing!”  (Okay, so maybe I am just a little bit deaf.)

What I actually hear outside of my fantasy realm is, “How does she find time for all those kids?”

Is there time for everyone in large families?

My friends, I have an answer for you, and it is a mere click away!  I wrote about busting the not-enough-time-for-everyone myth over at Purposeful Homemaking.  

If you think parents and children in a large family have it rough, go have a read. If you think parents and children in a large family (or any family where they are loved) have it great, go have a cookie…or three.

While you’re here, I will give you a little hint about spreading myself around as a mom of many: 

It doesn’t require a superhero cape…although I do have one in a stunning shade of red.  No, you may not borrow it.

Read the post at Purposeful Homemaking.

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