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Wholesome Comfort Giveaway

Meatloaf is my comfort food.  In fact, I am somewhat of a meatloaf connoisseur. You can keep your gourmet meatloaf.  What I love is a great big slice of homestyle meatloaf and a heaping mountain of mashed potatoes.  Gravy?  Yes please! You can imagine my culinary enthusiasm when I found a meatloaf recipe in Wholesome Comfort, the just-released e-cookbook by Kate of Modern Alternative Mama.  There is…

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Cookies from Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods

A Special Offer Our cookbook giveaway has come to a close. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed testing the recipes and reviewing the books.  (We’re still testing recipes!)  We also had a great time reading all your comments.  Thank you to all who participated. If you did not win (sorry!) and would like a book, you are in luck. Kate at Modern Alternative Mama has…

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Real Food Cookbook

For the past three weeks almost every meal we have eaten has come from the recipes in four “real food” e-cookbooks by Kate at Modern Alternative Mama. Why? Because we are giving the entire bundle away to one of you, and we wanted to make sure they were worthy of you wonderful people. Guess what. They are! Let me tell you about them. Review: Four…

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Simple Philosophy for Better Health

Everyone is at a different point in the journey toward better health.  Some have barely begun or have no intention of beginning, while others have pursued healthy living so vigorously, that all that is left for them is to de-stress about the whole thing. Similarly, people have different ideas about what healthy living is.  You have your vegans, your vegetarians, your low-carbers, your calorie counters…you…

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