Wholesome Comfort Giveaway

Meatloaf is my comfort food.  In fact, I am somewhat of a meatloaf connoisseur. You can keep your gourmet meatloaf.  What I love is a great big slice of homestyle meatloaf and a heaping mountain of mashed potatoes.  Gravy?  Yes please!

Wholesome Comfort Giveaway

You can imagine my culinary enthusiasm when I found a meatloaf recipe in Wholesome Comfort, the just-released e-cookbook by Kate of Modern Alternative Mama.  There is meatloaf, and then there is Meatloaf! Kate’s meatloaf recipe is Meatloaf! It’s a taste of home on a plate, a visit back to Grandma’s farm kitchen, comfort food at its finest.

Wholesome Comfort: Whole Foods to Warm & Nourish Your Family is all about comfort food.  Don’t let the word “wholesome” scare you off. These dishes are delicious and nutritious.  They contain whole foods that you will recognize, no chemically laden pseudo-foods, and no ingredients you would have to order from Timbuktu.

Most people who are attempting to transition to a less processed diet fear they must resign themselves to a life without their favorite comfort foods.  Wholesome Comfort totally debunks that fear…totally.

Want chicken and dumplings?  There’s a recipe for that.  Apple spice cake? It’s in there.  Turkey dinner with all the trimmings?  You got it!  Chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese, chocolate peanut butter fudge?  It’s all in there!  And have I mentioned the meatloaf!?

Check out the table of contents here.

Looks good, doesn’t it?  After trying several recipes (and the meatloaf three times), I can assure you, it is good.  Try it for yourself with a free, easy scalloped potatoes recipe.

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