The next few Simple Homemaker posts will be dealing with the how-tos of enjoying a simple Christmas.  This post in the series, however, deals with the “how come.”

In many ways, Christmas is the antithesis of simple. 


Christmas in North America has come to mean stretching the budget so far it will take nearly until next Christmas to get it back into shape.  It involves spoiling already spoiled children.  It means gathering with family members who often are only under the same roof because they have to be.  It involves gorging on so much food and so many sweets that one family’s resultant ailments could singlehandedly support a gastroenterologist and a dentist for the next three months.  At least that’s how the Hollywood version of Christmas appears.

Christmas was never meant to be complicated.

The Biblical account of the first Christmas is straightforward and simple.  It conjures up images of a small baby in a crude manger, the simple love of a young mother, and the implementation of the Father’s plan of salvation.

Why do we complicate Christmas?

Why do we take the simple and beautiful and make it complex and, in many ways, ugly?  Why do we approach the ultimate heavenly Gift with an air of expectation and ingratitude?

Many of us have grown up with or developed certain expectations which we attach to Christmas.  Anything less, and we are simply and ingratiatingly dissatisfied.

We need a change of heart, followed by a change of mindset.  Because I can’t say “be grateful” as well as Stephen Bautista has already said it, I leave you with this song.

(Yes, that is The Simple Homemaker’s messy desk and duct-taped chair in the background.  Keepin’ it real…although it is clean now.)To hear more of Stephen Bautista’s music and thoughts, visit his website and follow his Facebook page.

Don't stress this Christmas!