When Life Isn’t Simple

Forget-Me-Not, Beauty in Simplicity

There are times in life when simplifying means eliminating.  We recently had such an experience, and, sadly, The Simple Homemaker (the site, not the person) was temporarily eliminated from my life.

Forget-Me-Not, Beauty in SimplicityThose of you who are my Facebook buddies may already know that our oldest daughter was recently and suddenly hospitalized twice and diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  The diagnosis took over a year, but the crisis situation she reached almost over night brought it all to a head.

Learning about and caring for a Crohn’s patient has not been simple.  Combine that with natural parental worries about a child’s future, her longterm health, and her current pain and treatment, and something had to give.

One huge aspect of living a simple life is knowing your limitations and priorities.

During the past few months, my limitations did not extend past my main priority–my immediate family.  Even our schooling took a back seat to the real life lessons of caring for a sick family member, learning new cooking techniques, practicing compassion and service, and using discernment to translate the conflicting information from doctors, dieticians, and a myriad of “experts.”

There was no “me” left to spread.  This is where life’s hardest lessons come in, at least for someone as independent as I tend to be.

Friends, never be afraid to say, “I can’t.”

Never be ashamed to ask for help.  There is no nobility in climbing a mountain alone when your friends, family, or church have ropes and a climbing team in place…or, better yet, a ski lift.  Life is less overwhelming when you say, “Help me,” and take the hand extended to you.

That said, The Simple Homemaker is back.  Thank you for your patience and your prayers.  My life is less simple, but my philosophy about focusing on the important aspects of life and not cluttering the queue is stronger than ever!

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Photo courtesy of Bernhard Kohl.  Thanks, Ernie!

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