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I’ve gathered a few of our simple family Thanksgiving guides for you all in one place. No chatting–just links…mostly. A post with me not chatting it like Thanksgiving without pie! You know you’d miss it. Actually, I once had a Thanksgiving without pie, and I didn’t really miss it. Hmmmm…


How To Thaw a Turkey (Even at the Last Minute)

How to Thaw a Turkey (Even at the Last Minute)

Of course, when I say “last minute,” I mean last day. Also, this post contains the rather humbling story of my lost turkey.

Brining a Turkey via The Simple Homemaker

How to Brine a Turkey

There is some debate out there about whether or not brining a turkey will make it juicier or not. We think it does, so we brine. If you’re going to do a 12-hour Texas smoking on your turkey, you don’t need to brine it–you need to give it to us.

How to Keep Potatoes From Browning

How to Keep Potatoes from Turning Brown

It just occurred to me that potatoes are already brown. What I mean here isĀ peeled potatoes…or grated, cubed, sliced, slivered. Just one more thing you can prep in advance!

A Simple Guide to Selecting, Baking, and Slicing a Juicy, Affordable Ham

How to Bake a Ham–My Simple Recipe and Guide

This ham is super simple and super moist if you don’t forget it in the oven for four hours while you’re out at the turkey trot. It doesn’t have a sweet coating or anything else that looks pretty, but makes some of us a little, um, in need of R-O-L-A-I-D-S.

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The Perfect Holiday Redefined (

The Perfect Holiday Redefined

If you only read one of these posts, let it be this one. The concepts in this post are as relevant for Thanksgiving as they are for Christmas, and as relevant today as they were when I wrote it six years ago, and as relevant for the 21st century’s simple home cook as they were when cooks were sweating into George Washington’s hoe cakes and fish muddles 250 years ago.

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