Simple Thanksgiving Craft – How to Make a Canning Ring Pumpkin

How to Make a Canning Ring Pumpkin via The Simple Homemaker

I don’t normally post crafts on TSHM. It is too easy to become mired under a pile of wanna-do’s and feelings of inadequacy, and I don’t want to increase that by making you feel like you should do more…more…more. But…crafts are fun, and as long as you commit to not overdoing it, I will post the occasional simple, affordable, totally doable project. Cross your heart? Okay.

I saw this simple and charming mason jar ring pumpkin on Pinterest.

How to Make a Canning Ring Pumpkin via The Simple Homemaker

We have loads of mason jar rings just screaming to be a part of our Thanksgiving décor. I can respect that, so I popped through to the original post at Simply Klassic, where I learned two things: 1) Kristin, the original crafter is a terrific photographer and wonderfully creative, and 2) this craft is indeed simple, free, and quick.

My four-year-old ballerina and I threw this charming pumpkin together in 15 minutes Kristin did it in five), and everyone who has seen it has said, “Wow, where did you get that?”

My ballerina did most of the work while I made dinner, but because I tied the string, she refuses to let me say that she made it alone. She keeps a body honest.

How to Make a Canning Ring Pumpkin


  • 20-ish mason jar rings (I would go about 24. Ours could use 2-4 more)
  • small piece of string—a foot or so
  • cinnamon sticks or real sticks
  • burlap or other material or real leaves
  • one enthusiastic four-year-old ballerina, the cuter the better


String the rings on the string (it worked better when we put them all on in the same direction).

How to Make a Canning Ring Pumpkin via The Simple Homemaker

Tie the string tightly and cut away the excess.

Stick sticks (cinnamon or otherwise) in the center.

Cut out leaves and plop ‘em on top. (I drew them on the burlap for Rebecca.)

How to Make a Canning Ring Pumpkin via The Simple Homemaker

I called it complete at this point. If you want, however, Kristin says you can spraypaint the rings orange or white. I think it would be quaint to give them a weathered look with brown paint that you’ve either watered down or rubbed off immediately after painting it on. I need to use our rings to make yogurt in our Excalibur dehydrator, so we left them plain. (Plus paint equals more time and mess and less simplicity, and my ballerina was not interested in replacing her tutu with a paint shirt.)

That’s it!

Bask in the magnificence of it all. Name your pumpkin (Becca named ours Olivia Faith). Take pictures. Pin them, post them, send them to your mom (don’t forget to tell her you love her, and say “hi” from me).

How to Make a Canning Ring Pumpkin via The Simple Homemaker

If you make the canning ring pumpkin, send me a picture on Facebook!

Special thanks to Kristin at Simply Klassic for sharing this craft with us, and letting me share it with you. Go check out her end result using older, tarnished rings—very charming.

For more simple ideas, follow my Simple Thanksgiving board on Pinterest.

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27 thoughts on “Simple Thanksgiving Craft – How to Make a Canning Ring Pumpkin”

  1. This is a cool way to reuse….paint the rusted ones to make them pretty again and then make one of these out of it! You could even use metallic paint! Thanks for this lovely idea!

  2. Looks very good. My sister and I decorate church tables for Thanksgiving & our handmade paper mache pumpkins are looking kinda bedraggled. This may be a substitute or the book pumpkins. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Great idea!

      I’d love to try the book pumpkins someday, but I just can’t part with my books…especially since we’re heavily Kindle-based these day. Kindles don’t make good pumpkins. 😉

  3. This is absolutely beautiful I just wish I was Crafty and I would make one for me and my mother in law. Might just be time to call me Step Daughter to ask if she would make all three of us one if I get her the supplies.

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