Printable New Year’s Eve Memory and Predictions Pages

Memory Page

The first page is for each family member to record memories from the previous year.  Print one for each member of your family to fill out on New Year’s Eve.  (You will need to help the little ones.)   Add a family photo and handprints if you like. Keep them in a binder, manilla envelope, or family time capsule (five-gallon buckets work great!).  You will cherish the memories for years to come!

Predictions Page

The second page is for predictions about the upcoming year.  Print one for each family member to fill in on New Year’s Eve.  At the end of the year, read your predictions and see how accurate you were.  This is a generic form that can be used year after year.  Our family personalizes it, using questions such as “When will the baby take her first steps?” “Who will lose the most teeth in the new year?” and “Which appliances will die this year?”  Either way is fun!

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