Preserve a Memory for Mom (and Maybe Win $2500 in the Process)

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Make a Book For and About Your Favorite Person (and maybe win $2500 in the process)

I’m always telling you to make everyday memories with your loved ones, to simplify your life so you have time to live your life, to prioritize people over possessions, over passions, even over popcorn and pie.

Today I’m sharing a company that can help you preserve some of those memories you create. Why now? Mother’s Day is just around the corner, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day are nipping at its heels, I’m sure your anniversary and a few birthdays are in there somewhere, and then, BAM, it’s Christmas!

The company I want to tell you about is called Blurb. I’ve been a Blurb affiliate for a while now, and I have always kinda sorta deleted all their emails as they came in. But then I saw a book that my cousin made through Blurb and wow-holy-cow was that ever gorgeous!

So I started paying attention to the Blurb emails, and wow-holy-cow-and-its-calf, those people are always having sales! They’re like Kohls!

Finally, I checked them out for myself, and wow-holy-herd-of-cattle, they are organized, user-friendly, and offer quality products.

What does this have to do with your Mama?

Mother’s Day and, BAM, Christmas are just around the corner. If your mama is anything like this mama, she doesn’t want stuff, except for maybe a new slotted spoon to replace the one small hands left behind in the sand dunes of Idaho where it masqueraded as a shovel for a day. Oh, and your mama wants chocolate, the 85% dark that doesn’t give her…ahem…aroma.

Why not give her a personalized book instead, like one of these:

  • Compile her favorite recipes and create a cookbook.
  • Gather memories from all her children and grandchildren with pictures and drawings.
  • Write a letter-book to her. It could be called, simply, “Dear Mom.”
  • Is she a poet or an artist or a great story teller? Gather her work into a book.
  • Make a photo album of something special to her–a wedding, a trip, time with you.
  • Select pictures of her favorite pet and write about him, or include blank lines for her to fill in.
  • Write a children’s book in which she is the star. Let your children illustrate it.
  • Put together a memory book of a missed loved one.

The sky is the limit. Well, actually, your imagination (with the creative help of Pinterest and Blurb) is the limit, which might be higher than the sky.

Remember, I said they’re always having a sale? Always may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight.

Here are the current Blurb deals:

  1. Save a whopping 15% on printed books through April 30. That’s soon, I know, and you’re busy making memories, so I’ll update this with new deals as soon as I hear about them.
  2. Save 30% on “My Favorite Person” books through May 31. If you write your own My Favorite Person book (why not Mom!) and enter it by the deadline (4/28 or 05/31, depending), you could win $2500.

Here’s a little video explaining the contest. Videos are fun, aren’t they? Make some popcorn.

Why are you still here? Go make your book…or popcorn..or both!

But first..what are your ideas for personalized books?

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