Mostly Measurable, Manageable March Goals

Mostly Measurable, Manageable March Goals--Do you set goals? They help you stay focused and get things accomplished. Try it!

Mostly Measurable, Manageable March Goals--Do you set goals? They help you stay focused and get things accomplished. Try it!

How did you do on your February goals?

Personally, I mastered omelettes, celebrated National Pizza Day, and made peach pie, so I consider last month a success!

Time for March.

Remember the ridiculously obvious rules for our mostly measurable, manageable monthly goals:

  1. They should be mostly measurable.
  2. It’s manageable.
  3. It’s a monthly goal.

You have to write your own goals, but here are my mostly measurable manageable monthly goals for March:

Family Habits

  • Breakfast Bible: read Luke aloud.
  • Monthly family manner: eye contact. It’s definitely improving, but I’m taking one more month to practice. What’s the rush?
  • Monthly family home care habit: the entry way. Keeping the entry clean makes the whole house seem clean…for a few seconds.
  • Monthly character trait: practice finding the positives. You can never get too much practice!
  • Prayer: we’re good with bedtime prayers; time to strengthen our meal-time prayer habit.

Family Fun

  • Have one game night focused on the older group.
  • Have one game night focused on the younger group.
  • Celebrate National Lumpia Day on March 16.
  • Bake two pies. We let Emily decide because it’s her birthday month, so for March’s Year of the Pie selections we are having both a chocolate and a vanilla pie, both of which we found in my grandma’s pie cookbook.
  • Have a Filipino feast!  Lumpia, adobo, pancit. We missed this last month.
  • Cut movie night back to once a week and make it a special affair like it used to be.
  • Watch the Passion of the Christ. (affiliate link)
  • Make resurrection cookies.
  • Read the Passion in the Bible.
  • Do Sense of the Resurrection with the kids–it’s like an Advent study, but for Lent. Check it out here.


  • Write two letters each…including mama!
  • Continue reading aloud The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain.
  • Teach omelet skills.
  • Hannah: Continue weekly goal sessions.
  • Marissa: schedule one college exam this month; order books for two tests next month.
  • Start upper level art class with Marissa, Elisabeth, and Emily (and Hannah, if interested).
  • Test the Apologia writing program with Emily (and Elisabeth if interested).
  • Continue Here to Help Teaching’s writing lessons with Elijah (10) and Rebecca (7).
  • Test Times Tales and Talking Fingers with Rebecca.
  • Study birds from Schoolhouse Teacher’s Charlotte Mason preschool with Eliana (4).
  • Continue Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready with Judah (7 months).
  • Find a new history program–maybe Beautiful Feet?

Music Mission

  • Write April 2016 newsletter.
  • Continue 2016 thank you notes.
  • Update subscriber list.


  • Work dog and self up to 30 minute walks by the end of the month. (If that looks strangely familiar, it’s because we only got up to 20 minutes last month. But that’s okay!
  • Continue the two-a-week treat limit in churches.
  • Continue to expand my food options on the total elimination diet.
  • Research and purchase a digestive or pancreatic enzyme.
  • Make two family dessert night treats that Hannah can eat. (No dairy, grains, sugar, processed anything.)
  • Continue food/symptom journal.
  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment. Notice the procrastination from last month–I just can’t conquer this irrational phobia.


  • Write four non-sponsored, non-review posts here…for you lovely people! This counts as one. Hooray!
  • Write three posts at The Travel Bags.
  • Submit my article assignment for Pregnancy & Newborn magazine.
  • Mock out our June feature for The Old Schoolhouse magazine.
  • Begin research for “Old Mamas” article due in June.
  • Send one pitch. Done! 
  • Edit one chapter in my book.


What are your goals for March?

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