Mostly Measurable, Manageable February Goals

Join The Simple Homemaker in setting mostly measurable, manageable goals for February.

Join The Simple Homemaker in setting mostly measurable, manageable goals for February.

How did you do on your January goals?

If you did great, great! If you overdid your goals, cut back for February. Remember, make it manageable.

Remember the ridiculously obvious rules for our mostly measurable, manageable monthly goals:

  1. They should be mostly measurable.
  2. It’s manageable.
  3. It’s a monthly goal.

My list is shorter this month than last, because–confession time–I overdid it last month. And because my baby is at mobile stage which makes life trickier…and so crazy fun!

Here are my mostly measurable manageable monthly goals for February:

Family Habits

  • Breakfast Bible: finish reading Mark aloud.
  • Monthly family manner: eye contact. We’re still working on this one.
  • Monthly family home care habit: keeping the van clean. Because we live on the road, we have a road trip every couple of days. If we don’t clean it every single time, it gets out of control.
  • Monthly character trait: practice finding the positives. This was something we started last year, but it’s going to continue.
  • Prayer: continue strengthening the family prayer habit.

Family Fun

  • Have one game night focused on the older group.
  • Have one game night focused on the younger group.
  • Celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9.
  • Bake a peach pie. It’s the Year of the Pie.
  • Have a Filipino feast!  Lumpia, adobo, pancit–I’m drooling!
  • Reinstate movie night elections or rotation.


  • Write two letters each…including mama!
  • Continue reading aloud The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain.
  • Teach omelet skills.
  • Hannah: Continue monthly goal sessions; edit her completed articles. (She writes faster than I edit these days, so I’m behind.) Also continue query class.
  • Marissa: Find a testing center in Sacramento for two college tests.
  • Order books for test prep for Marissa’s upcoming management classes.
  • Complete the Homeschool in the Woods elections study with middle five.
  • Launch Henty’s Dragon and the Raven study with everybody! So fun!
  • Start Here to Help Teaching’s writing lessons with Elijah (10) and Rebecca (7).
  • Continue Schoolhouse Teacher’s Charlotte Mason preschool with Eliana (4).
  • Continue Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready with Judah (6 months).

Music Mission

  • Write March 2016 newsletter.
  • Continue 2016 thank you notes.
  • Update subscriber list.


  • Work dog and self up to 30 minute walks by the end of the month.
  • Continue the two-a-week treat limit in churches
  • Add seven foods back into my diet. I’m on a total elimination diet for my nursing baby, and I’m currently up to ten foods I can eat.
  • Find a supplement that works for my baby–just do it!
  • Make two family dessert night treats that Hannah can eat. (No dairy, grains, sugar, processed anything.)
  • Continue food/symptom journal.
  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment–a major phobia of mine.


  • Write four non-sponsored, non-review posts here…for you lovely people! This counts as one. Hooray!
  • Write three posts at The Travel Bags.
  • Draft my article assignment for Pregnancy & Newborn magazine.
  • Write a post for Homeschooling with Heart blog.
  • Send one pitch. Done!
  • Edit one chapter in my book.


What are your goals for February?

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