Meet The Tummy Team

Meet The Tummy Team

I have bad posture, not too unlike Shaggy, best buddy of Scooby Doo:

The Simple Homemaker Shaggy Style

Yup, that’s what I look like, complete with the little I-had-seven-babies (or, in Shaggy’s case, I-ate-seven-pizzas) pooch in front.

That was just one of several reasons I jumped on the chance to be one of The Tummy Team reviewers.

What is the Tummy Team?

It is a sequential online training and rehab program that educates members on a variety of core-related aspects, including:

  • the anatomy of the abdominal core and its vicinity,
  • how a strong core affects the rest of the body and its optimal functioning,
  • how to go about normal daily activities without further damaging your core or injuring your back, and
  • how to heal damage (including split abs), strengthen the core, and increase stability.

In other words, it teaches me how to shift from a Shaggy, to, say, a Fred:

The Simple Homemaker Fred Style

My daughter Hannah is also along for the ride, hoping to undo some of the abdominal damage that Crohn’s has caused, and to give herself an overall stronger core to better support her intestinal functioning.

There are two basic programs, a six-week prenatal course and an eight-week core-strengthening plan. We’re on the eight-week plan. Each week we have access to training videos, downloadable guides and helps, and a printable progress chart. Plus everyone receives access to a private Facebook group where The Tummy Team Master, Kelly, answers questions faster than the Mystery Inc. gang solves a Coolsville mystery.

As part of the review process, I have agreed to share my progress with you neat people. I  like to share with you people…but not my cookies. Okay, maybe one.

I’ll also be sharing a little bit about the benefits, what I’m learning as we go, and my all-too-honest opinion about the program as a whole. For now, I’m leaving you with this intriguing tidbit:

After two weeks, my ab muscles feel like I’ve been doing sit-ups and laughing too hard, and I haven’t done a single crunch. In other words, I’m getting the workout without the work.

Happy mama!

Stay tuned for part two and a program giveaway once Hannah and I graduate!

The original Scooby Doo Gang was created by Hanna-Barbera, but Shaggy-Me and Fred-Me were created by my daughter Marissa. Readers, meet Marissa:

Marissa Daphne Style

Isn’t she cute?

(As of 11/14/13, I am an affiliate for The Tummy Team, so this post now contains affiliate links.)

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