Returning to a Simple Life


The calendar is packed. The closets are overflowing. The list of wonderful activities you have planned with the children is so long it needs its own filing cabinet. You spend your whole life planning and organizing, trying to do everything, afraid you’ll miss something. And in the process, you miss everything.

Does this sound familiar? Life has become far too complicated.  There is too much lined up demanding your attention. Your home, your calendar, your mind is filled with clutter. The result? Stress! Anxiety! Missing life!

It is time to clear your queue!  It is time to say farewell to unrealistic expectations.  It is time to get rid of the weight cluttering your life, ruining your family time and stealing the joy God intended for you.  Today is the day to get back to the basics and start enjoying the simple beauty of an uncluttered life.

Join me as I too clear my queue and return to a simple home, a simple faith, a simple life.

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