Loving Your Spouse Out Loud – A Challenge

Loving Your Spouse

Reposting in honor of my grandparent’s anniversary:

Yesterday, while perusing a popular site about managing the home, I noticed the question of the day:

“What about your spouse just drives you crazy?”

Loving Your Spouse Out Loud - A Challenge

As of this morning, there were 189 answers.  I got (literally) sick from reading the responses and petty complaints after about 30 or so.  Only one was positive: “It makes me crazy in love when he says ‘Hello, Beautiful’ in the morning,” but then she dampened it with a crass and very personal criticism.  The majority of the wives (I didn’t notice any replies from men) were irritated that he left his socks on the floor, left cupboard doors open, and didn’t put the cap back on the toothpaste (all things I do wrong, by the way).  Occasionally someone was less shallow, such as being upset by his apathy toward the children or his being a poor listener.

I wonder…

Even on the rare occasion when the gripes are legitimate, does sounding off and getting upset solve the problem?

Isn’t life…isn’t marriage challenging enough without an open invitation to share our criticisms?

Is my spouse the one with the problem if he can’t locate the laundry basket, or is it me that has the problem, to let that infuriate me and undermine all the positives about the person I chose to marry?  (I’m actually the one that can’t locate the laundry basket, just so you know.)

Because I believe negativity leads to bitterness, and bitterness is poison to marriage or any other relationship, I issue this challenge.

Love your spouse out loud!

Together, let’s counter the negativity with positives of our own.  Let’s answer this question instead:

What about your spouse just blesses you like crazy?

Share in the comment section below.

Even if your marriage is at a rocky place or going through a lull, look at it from a new perspective.  Find the blessing, the positive, the gift that is your spouse, and add it to the comments below.  You may answer as many times as you wish!

Please, friends, keep it real.  None of us married Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, so let’s not make others feel their spouses are inferior in comparison to a myth.

Take a moment, if you would, to share this post so that we can outnumber the 189 naysayers and let the mainstream world know that we love our imperfect spouses and are blessed by them. Let’s give marriage the reputation it deserves.  I don’t think I’m being overly optimistic to think that we can find more than 189 people willing to love their spouses out loud!

Let the world know that marriage between two imperfect people in an imperfect world still works!

Because it does.

The beautiful photo was taken three years ago at my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary – as of today, 63 years, two months, and 13 days of two imperfect people in an imperfect marriage, making it work by the grace of God.  It’s a beautiful thing.


146 thoughts on “Loving Your Spouse Out Loud – A Challenge”

  1. I am having a quiet weekend at home with my husband. A rare treat because our kids are on fall retreat with their youth group at church. My husband blesses me by always thinking about me and my needs before his own. Calls me in the middle of the day, no matter if he is in Africa or his office in our home town. Still looks forward to time together like he did 22 years ago when we were dating. I don’t take this for granted, it is truly a blessing. He isn’t perfect, but he is my prince charming!

  2. I could tell you how thoughtful he has been as we prepare to start a family, how dedicated he is to prayer before every meal (and not just “Thanks God, Amen”) how supportive he is with every change we make to our diet, how he makes me laugh, how I’m *offered* a foot rub every night, how he’ll make dinner when I don’t feel like it, knows how to use a vacuum and a toilet scrubber, washes dishes, does laundry, how he strokes my hair to help this restless gal fall asleep…

    All great blessings – none to be discounted. But probably the biggest blessing I get is when he laughs at my jokes. No kidding – I love to hear that man laugh and wouldn’t trade his chuckle for anything.

  3. First of all, I want to thank you for doing this. Way to go for being counter-cultural!!!
    Second, I’ve been married nearly 18 years to my husband. Just last night I shared with him how much I appreciate him for always providing without complaint. He’s the hardest working man I know and has great respect from his peers for his integrity in his work. He’s humble, honest, meek and loves me beyond measure. I’m sick with a chronic autoimmune disorder that takes a great toll on me mentally and physically at times. He is my rock (next to Jesus!) and my shoulder to cry on, my friend to laugh with and the one person I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with. I love that he loves the Lord, teaches our children Biblical truths and demonstrates the love of Christ through his words and actions. I’m so thankful that the Lord put us together!

  4. I am blessed so much by my husband, Matt! We are best friends and love spending time together! He strives to be the husband the Lord has called him to be. I respect his sincere heart and how hard working he is and how he does the best he can at whatever work is before him. He has such a servant heart and has dropped what he was doing to help me with something on many occasions! He’s funny and he’s my shoulder to cry on. I love how he desires to lighten my load when he can! I so appreciate and love him!!

  5. My hubby is an awesome provider, father and friend. He loves me even when I don’t act lovable. He is committed to our love and our family! He makes me laugh and he drives me crazy in all the right ways. 🙂 One of my favorite things about him? He is the spiritual leader of our home.

  6. I was going to attempt to make Tims shrimp alfredo, and called him to ask “So I cook the mushrooms and shrimp first, right?” He said “I’ll call you back in a minute. Don’t DO ANYTHING!” Then he walked in the door 5 minutes later! (He left work early to cook for me!) That is true love. I love that he knows how to cook!

  7. My husband is not only a strong Christian (yeah!), but he is the best crisis husband in the world!! He is my rock. Something needs to get done- he’ll get it done, without complaint. *he’s pretty cute, too* 😉

  8. My husband loves the Lord & strives to be the husband & father that the Lord has called him to be. I love to hear him pray over our family, our little girls, & our marriage. He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me! Thank you so much for this opportunity…we should always be edifying our husbands, not putting them down. I’ll be sharing this link 🙂

  9. my husband has stage 4 colon cancer. everyday is a blessing, the two best sounds in the world are him snoring (means i know he’s getting the rest he needs) and his laughter (which means he can still see the humor through the bleak).we arent blessed with children yet, but everyday, he is my blessing.

  10. LOVE IT!! I have married my best friend…he is the love of my life and soul mate. He always has me and the kids(we have 4) as his first priority. He loves me and he shows it. I am truely blessed!

  11. I love this! My spouse is wonderful. We are both going back to school in the Spring and he told me to readjust the chore schedule to give him more responsibilities, since I will be taking on another full-time responsibility!

  12. That he does sooo much for me and our children. He comes home with whatever we need even before I say we need it…like milk…when he comes home from work most of the time he has some.

  13. That he is a God-loving, God-fearing man who loves me like crazy, devotes every waking hour to his family- either by work or play- and is training up the next generation for our Lord! 🙂

  14. My turn. 😀 (Bashful, cheesy grin) The music he writes is a huge blessing to all of us. It can lift me out of a funk and redirect my perspective. I love his talent and willingness to serve with it.

  15. The way he feels about his daughter, not the “yea I’m a proud dad”, but more of the” look at that beautiful child of ours and how God has blessed us with her presence” kind of love.

  16. I am blessed a lot by my husband. I never bash him…way too much respect for him. He is a hard worker, makes sacrifices, never loses his temper, he is wise, insightful…he is funny…I could just go on and on! I could just answer 187 times all about my husband, if you like. lol.

  17. I’ve put some thought into it & I can’t pick just one thing. His very existence in my live is a blessing. They’ll never write a romance novel about our marriage but he’s God’s gift to me. It’s been 12 years and just keeps getting better as we grow together.

  18. What I love most about my husband? Hmmm….there are so many. I love that he doesn’t care if dinner is less than perfect. I love that when our child throws up in the middle of the night, he’s willing to help clean it up, even though he has to go to work in the morning. He always picks to clean the kid instead of whatever has been puked on. I’m okay with that. I love it when he dressses our little girl on Saturday morning right down to her lovely braids. I love that he’s quiet. Knowing he doesn’t say much, makes what he does say more meaningful. So when he tells me, I’m the best mom ever, I’m easily convinced. He’s my biggest fan.

  19. My husband is my best friend and #1 supporter, a great listener, and a kind, thoughtful, and good looking man! He is a wonderful friend and role model for our three sons who actually invests time in their lives. Most of all he loves the Lord and leads our family in as best as he can in the pathway of the Lord.

  20. My husband is patient when I’m feeling crazy, organized where I’m not, and is an amazing father to our 3 kids. 14 years later I’m still amazed that God blessed me with him!

  21. Easy. Cora is an incredibly patient and loving mom, devoted to her family and Lord, a tireless worker, always looking for ways she can serve people, she’s humble, flexible and easy-going, she brings joy to those around her, and she’s my best friend. Great idea Christy.

  22. My hubby is my best friend. He is an excellent provider, role model for our children, and lives his life reflecting God’s love. He knows me better than anyone and keeps me grounded if I get overwhelmed with anything. We’ve been together 18 years and it just gets better and better! I thank God for him always.

  23. Sometimes I don’t actually need a problem fixed but I do need to vent. I love that my husband will ask, “Is this a listening problem or a fixing problem?” And that he’s okay with whichever one it is. 🙂

  24. Thanks for making me stop to think about this. We are so quick to nit pick and point out all of the flaws (while ignoring the HUGE things we error in) and don’t take the time to encourage them and build them up. My husband vacuumed and mopped our kitchen and dining room the other night. I never have to ask him to do laundry…he just sees it needs to be done and does it. He works hard at his job and then also works side jobs so that I can stay home with the kids. And now my emotional, pregnant self is going to try to regain my composure and give him a big hug and a kiss and thank him. 🙂

  25. Stephen has a great sense of humor. He puts people at ease and can carry on a conversation with anyone. He works hard for his family and sticks firmly to his Christian principles. He can fix anything and is teaching our son to do the same. Not only that, he takes care of all the crazy little bugs on the technical side of The Simple Homemaker that make my head spin. Finally, even though he wanted two children, he’s supportive and loving of the almost seven that we have. I’m especially blessed that he is supportive of my staying home and homeschooling our clan so we can all be together all the time.

  26. I love my husband for so many reasons not the least of which is for being such a great example of manhood to our sons. I love that he is the dad that always there. I love that he shows our boys how to be respectful and strong and prayerful and hard working. <3

    And in response to that other website where all these people feel the need to criticize out loud, my grandmother taught me that differences between spouses are private and airing your grievances to the world makes you look like an idiot for making such a poor choice in a spouse… if that is how you TRULY FEEL!! Our Savior taught "Love One Another"… I am sure he could have had some criticisms to air about any one of us… we should not be so quick to judge and not feel so justified in being offended by little things.

  27. My husband and I have had a rough year…relationship wise. Struggling doesn’t come close…almost giving up is closer. But, I love that my husband was able to humble himself, admit some mistakes, and agree to work on our problems, together. Even though he didn’t want to actually go to a counselor, he agreed to search for a self-help type book that we are reading, together. We are working on the problems that we have had and still have sometimes. He’s made (me too) changes in the way he communicates with me, the way he expresses his love for me and continues to read the book with me and try new things. I’m blessed to have his love in my life!

  28. I love my husband. He always puts his family before himself. Neither of us are perfect but we love each other anyway. BTW, I’m the one who misses the hamper and squeezes the toothpaste from the middle. He just fixes it for me.

  29. We’ve been married 12 years. Its been rough. He’s out of work right now, but I tell you what – this man can fix my car when it konks out like nobodys business. He’s incredible at fixing things and making things work again until we have money to replace it. He also stays home and homeschools our son. Our son has done SO much better since being homeschooled. THAT is how my husband blesses me!

  30. It’s all about the little things. The way he smiles at me. When he says “I love you.” When he tells me to go out with some friends and relax. I love it when he says, you need a break, go sit down. He is always worried about me. If something is broke, he can fix it. What I love about him most of all? He is a man of God and is doing his best to raise his children to love Jesus.

  31. I love that my husband can talk to me like his best buddy (with ALL the craziness)or in an intensely intimate way… all within the span of a few minutes. He is truly a compliment to me which doesn’t surprise me since the Lord hand picked him for me! The strong and capable man who leads our house in God’s name is the same one as the endearing little boy who jokes with me. I love all the things that he does for me without a word. When he’s done, he comes to me and says, “Here, this is for you!” with a wide eyed smile. Awww… It’s making me smile back by just thinking about it! = )

  32. Jason loves God and is leading our family to do the same while he works to help more families do the same! He works hard, doesn’t complain, is patient and content. He’s not perfect, and neither am I, but he is loving and kind and when I worry he redirects me right back to the Lord and his love and promises. So on top of his counseling load, then he counsels me!

  33. My Harlan Darlin’ is a blessing in his quiet, unassuming way. He does what needs doing, without fanfare or complaint. He just pitches in and helps in any way that he can. Also a huge blessing is the way he makes me laugh because he’s always saying funny things. 36 years and counting… he is the best! Well, that’s because he has been blessed by God to have a loving servant heart, and that spills over into our family. Thanks for inviting us to be positive!!!!

  34. My hubby works HARD and is creative, when things look impossible he finds a way. He knocks my socks off when, even though I am full of flaws, he says, “Your perfect for me, you surpass them all.”

  35. My husband is my best friend and I feel I am so blessed to have him by my side. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for giving him to me. We share every aspect of our lives together. I know it sounds cheesy, but he really does complete me. We all have faults, and I have found that when we focus on the faults of others we actually lose a part of ourselves. We are all so completely flawed but with His grace we are made perfect. I am so grateful, that even with all of my flaws my husband still loves me. Four kids and sixteen years later, I am more in love with him and all his flaws.

  36. I love that we both fumble through this learning to parent and keep a house and marriage – smiling, loving, laughing. I have learned this year that the negative things I notice in him are often very close to the flaws that I have…and this has helped me immensely 🙂 We celebrated our 5 yr anniversary last month – after a huge growth year – and I cannot imagine life with anyone else, he’s my best friend.

  37. My husband comes home every night for dinner and to help put our kids to bed, even though that means he often has to go back at night to finish his paperwork.

  38. This is a lovely idea, there is such a sharp edge on so many online interactions. I am very blessed that my husband is the wisest person I know and his goodness & fortitude carried me through my pregnancy with our 6th baby diagnosed in the womb with lots of health issues. I thank God for him every day.

  39. I love that my husband will cook on Sundays! I cook 6 days out the week for the family, so it’s nice to look forward to Sunday where I don’t have to worry about lunch after church! I still make breakfast for everyone – during the week my husband leaves for work too early in the morning for me to make him breakfast, so I love doing that for him on the weekends!
    This is a great idea! God bless!!

  40. I also love that my husband just recently allowed me to quit my job and stay home to take care of the house & our four kids. Its a lot to ask him to take on that responsibility, but we both felt it was better for me to stay home with our newborn than to go back to work. I truly believe that a mothers place is in the home with our children and because my husband allowed me to stay home, our family and our marriage have truly been blessed by it!

  41. My 44 year old, self-employed husband had a stroke 2 months ago. He continues to work hard everyday to support this family. Even when he is tired, he tries hard not to let us know. Next week he leaves for Colorado for the week. He is frustrated with his speech, tired {as his brain is still on overdrive} and emotionally exhausted. BUT…he has been cleared to work by the doctors and he is choosing to trust God!

  42. I have absolutely no doubt that he loves me. He shows it daily especially infront of our children. They see how a real man should treat a woman (his wife).

  43. My husband and I will celebrate our 6 yr anniversary on the 20th of November, and I can’t think of having had to go through these last few years without my best friend. But what almost brings me to tears everyone I think of it, is the fact that my darling is compassionate, especially towards children. He truly cares about all children and would gladly give the shirt off his back to a child or it’s parent/s in order to help brighten up that childs day. He is a wonderful father to our children, too. And when I decided to quit my job to go back to school full time, he gladly took on the responsibility of financing our household. I don’t think he’ll ever understand how he has enhanced my life. Before I met him, I was a single mother coming out of an emotionally abusive relationship and my husband made sure I never doubted that he loved me, never doubted that he found me sexy, he is nothing but amazing and I am in complete awe that I have been so lucky to have him and our two wonderful boys. Oh, and he has never treated my son in any way different then he treats our son. My son even calls him dad sometimes, though we have never asked him to.

  44. First of all, I loved this post and LOVED that you put up this challenge! I think we can use a good dose of optimism in our marriages! 🙂

    I love my hubby for the ways that he balances me, encourages me, provides for our family, loves Jesus, and is a wonderful hubby and dad. I love that he tells me the truth in love when I’m wrong, and still loves me even when I’m being a brat. I love that he has no problem helping around the house, and I love that he loves to have time to do his man-hobbies. 🙂 I am thankful for the ways we are very different, because I NEED someone who is not like me! 😉

  45. After I do a blog post about barns, he blesses me like crazy by taking me out for a Saturday adventure & finding barns along the way for me to take more pictures of…. and buying me a rootbeer float along the way! =)

  46. What a wonderful post! I am blessed that my husband is always putting our family first. Everything he does is to make our lives happier. He loves me even when I am not acting very lovable. He drives a truck over the road and always takes time to call the kids and I and tells us he loves us. He is 110% committed to make our marriage and family stronger. He is my hero 🙂

  47. My husband has blessed me like crazy this week. We celebrate our first anniversary tomorrow, and let me tell you, it has not been an easy year. Not hard in our marriage, but hard just in life. This week, my dad had a heart attack, and my mom needed some help at home with a few of my nine younger siblings. My husband and I had had big plans to celebrate our anniversary, but he was so sweet to simplify them and to sacrifice time together so that I could be with my family.

    I am so blessed to have a man like that in my life.

  48. My husband is my partner in crime and my voice of reason. He never complains when I work out a problem by talking with him, even though I’m sure he would rather be playing his Xbox. He might forget to do the dishes or take out the trash but he never forgets to kiss me goodnight or cuddle with me on the nights he is home. I sleep on his pillow when he is on duty because I miss him when he isn’t there. I love the trust that we have. We often spend time apart visiting family due to the military, but we always know that we’re missing each other. I love that he supports my decision to stay at home even when our money situation gets stressful. I’m thankful that he took on a second job to support our family. I’m thankful he’s the father of my daughter. I get frustrated with his parenting skills but there is never in doubt how much he loves that girl. Three years and I can still vividly see his face in my mind when he first held her. You can’t imagine a more perfect loving moment than that. I’m looking forward to getting old with him. As he’s laying in bed recovering from major surgery all I can think about is how thankful I am to have him.

  49. I love that my husband is so smart. He reads about so many things, from his Bible to books about gardening to books about plumbing…to British literature and books about the monarchy. He has fixed so many things because he knew how to do it from reading. And, because he teaches Brit lit, he can discuss and enjoy lots of my favorite literature and movies. 🙂

  50. It is a blessing to me that my husband Larry gets up at 4:30 a.m., early enough before work (on first shift weeks of his swing shift,) to attach a medical device for me. He does this so I will be comfortable all day while he is at work, since I can’t do it myself. Of course, he has been there for me our whole short marriage, since we met 2 years ago, and have been married for 16 months. I have been disabled since a month after we met. (We’re in our late forties.) I shouldn’t be surprised that he is continously there for me, but in this day and age, you can’t take someone like that for granted. Larry has definitely been a blessing in my life.

  51. My husband and I have been married almost 3 years. He is currently deployed, but let me tell you being a military family definitely shows you how to not take your spouse and family for granted! I love the way he supports my dreams, and I love how he helps me clean sometimes. He also is the most amazing father. He loves playing with our son, singing to him, reading to him, pretty much anything! 🙂 He is amazing!

  52. My husband cooks! It sounds silly, but people often complain of all the cleaning/cooking/etc. He often helps me with cleaning- and he does 90% of the cooking! It’s a lifesaver.

  53. Though my husband travels extensively, there is NO doubt that home is his priority. We homeschool our kiddos, and he is actively involved in their instruction — and their fun! Weekly trips to the park for school and lunch outside were his idea. “Math Mondays”, his. Putting kids in the bed early so we can watch our fav tv series, his again.
    He’s good at *everything* he puts his hand to, wise in thought and words, kind in his dealings with others.

    Oh, and he’s HOT.

    I’m just sayin… 🙂

  54. He loves me so deeply that I wouldn’t want to imagine my life without him in it. I had ZERO self-confidence when we were married, but he has turned my view of myself upside down; he has always worked to build me up and make me see value in myself. It is because of him that I am a very different person than I was then.
    Now don’t get me wrong- Everything doesn’t go ‘perfect’ for us every day (probably not on ANY days, really), but we work together and work through the hard stuff, and it has only made us grow closer. We have been through so much of the hard times that my husband says, “So far, we’ve been through sickness, poorer, and worse- so now all we have left is health, richer, and better!” We help each other, tolerate each other, forgive each other, learn about each other, cheer each other… basically, we love each other. He has such a great attitude often, that I can’t wait to spend time with him every day! <3

  55. My husband help out so much around the house, and he is an amazing father to our three beautiful children. He takes over cooking responsibilities on weekends, and he takes such great care of me. We’ve been married for 15 years, and I can’t imagine life with anyone else!

  56. I posted a few days ago, but have thought of more reasons why my husband is such a blessing to me (and everyone around him): 1. he’s kind. 2. he’s a great dad. 3. He’s great to my parents. 4. He cooks dinner when i’m too exhausted to stand up (and doesn’t complain). 5. He does laundry. 6. He does dishes. 7. He loves me.

  57. My husband is a true blessing from God – I am continually blessed by him as He listens and follows God’s direction in all areas of his life. I’m especially blessed by the little things he does like making the bed in the morning, vacuuming, taking out the trash, AND always kissing me good-bye and good-night. I can’t remember one time in 28 years that we parted and he didn’t kiss me. I love Honey Bear!

  58. He says “I don’t know how to make it better so I’ll just hold you” when I’m sad or hurting or upset. And then he does. He just holds me. And the sadness or the hurt or the pain doesn’t seem so bad because someone else feels it with me and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it go away.

  59. After 10 years, he still calls me his “bride”. He tells me that I am his Proverbs 18:22 girl.

    He is steady and strong. He has let God mold him and shape him. He prays with me every morning. He prays with our boys and tucks them in so sweetly each night. He comes home everynight after a hard day of work and asks me what he can do to help.

    He is a servant leader…. and he tells me I have pretty green eyes.

  60. I posted this on FB this morning: I have been tossing this thought around since I read someone else did it…I think it was my hubby’s Aunt Linda – and I just think it is such an AWESOME idea…but I’ve been “putting it off” because it’s “not the first of the month” and the 30 days will be off – but ya know what? WHO CARES! I’m going to start now…and will go at least until the end of the month…not sure if I’ll do that or do a full 30 days…but the point is…TO START! So…see my next status update to see what I’m talking about. LOL

    Thankful #1 – my “thankful” posts are going to be geared ONLY TOWARD MY HUSBAND – I am thankful for his amazingly loving nature. He is the most kind hearted person I have ever met.

  61. I have to say that my husband has been amazing, especially in the last month. See about a month ago he lost his job and I was due to have our 3rd baby (with a 3yr old and a 15mo already). Talk about stressful right?? But he NEVER lost heart, faith, or skipped a beat. He just went out the next day looking for another job. Things were rough, but we prayed and prayed. Then on our baby was born. He had been searching for a job but still nothing! Gosh it was so hard to think about, but the wonderful Christian man that I am married to kept assuring me that we would be okay. Finally, after another 2 weeks my husband found a job. He just started last week, but it seems promising. I just have to say that I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful Christian husband that never gave up on God, never doubted we would be okay, and always takes care of me and our 3 daughters 🙂 He is a wonderful man and the love of my life and I will always consider myself lucky to have him in my life!

  62. I was having trouble changing the burned out bulb in my lamp because it is cheap and the stand started to fall apart while I was trying to get the bulb in? lol And he laughed when I explained it and said, “I’ll just buy you a new lamp.” I would put up with the lamp, but he doesn’t want me to. How sweet is that? 🙂

  63. Im blessed daily by the wonderful provider he is working 16 hour days so I can focus on our newborn son. He’s truly a wonderful man and a loving father.

    So often we get caught up in the little negatives and forget the millions of little positives we are blessed with as well.

  64. My husband works 10-hour days then comes home and cooks dinner for us. He lets me cry when I need to cry and turns on the loving teasing when I’m ready to laugh. He trusts my decisions about schooling/ homeschooling, even when I chose something different for each child. I love when we read our Bibles together, side by side, and point out verses that strike us for one reason or another.

  65. I am blessed by the fact that my husband always takes the time to make sure that our family is safe. He is always checking doors, inspecting car seats, testing fire alarms, and doing the things that he needs to do to protect our family. This is such a blessing to me because it’s not something that I think about all the time, and it’s comforting to know that I don’t need to worry about it.

  66. What a great post and true that focusing on the negaitives of our marriage only leads to bitterness. After 11 years of being together I am finally learning to understand and appreciate my husband as he is, flaws and all, and pray to God to be the one to lead my spouse instead of me trying to. I appreciate my husband’s natural desire to lead, his strength, the way he plays with the boys, the his face lights up when he sees me cuddling with the kids, I love having him next to me in church (not all wives get that gift) and I could go on! So there that’s another 5 positives to add to the list!!!

  67. I love my husband because he always gives me support. I recently began reading blogs becoming more informed about our food. I have switched everything in our house (eliminated HFCS, white sugar, Non-organic produce, etc.) NOT ONCE has he griped about not having his chips, not having his brownies, etc. He has agreed to help and contribute. He works hard so that I can stay at home with our two kids. He encourages me to finish school. If I am tried and don’t feel like cooking he never gets upset and always understands if the house is a bit more messy because the kids were playing or because my baby didn’t allow me to get as much done. He also joined me on our journey to be better people, get closer to god, and be supportive parents to our children. Not once going against or complaining… Always being supportive…

  68. I’m a little late, but I had to have my say, too… 🙂

    My husband is wonderful in every way. He’s sweet, gentle, a great daddy to our little boy and a strong leader in our family and example in our church. He loves me and puts up with me even when I am in a bad mood, he doesn’t ever get mad;he is willing to help around the house whenever I ask, and it is rare if he does not put his family’s needs before his own! He always listens to me and loves to spend time with me. He’s my very best friend.

    He is the most awesome man ever!!

  69. Where to start….my husband is a much better spouse than I am, those negatives you mentioned, I do them ALL! He does not seem to mind when he walks in from a long day of work and I am “cleaning” out the pantry but in doing so I have destroyed the whole house, he thanks me for the hard work. I am told thank you every night for dinner and he reminds our kids to thank me if they forget, he prays and reads the Bible to my children at dinner or bedtime. He stops by the store on his way home after working 12 hours bc I ask him to, he does not complain and usually brings me flowers. I get flowers and cards from him just to say I love you. And my favorite thing of all, he has to be up for work by 4am, I try but can never be in bed by 9 when he would like to be (it has happened but it’s very rare), he stays up with me until I get ready for bed and some nights it’s 12 before I get up stairs, forget being ready for bed. In writing this I had to stop and think if he read this could he think of very many things I do for him. I am challenging myself to be a better spouse. With 3 little ones he has been put on the back burner for to long, he must be scorched by now. So starting today I am going to make sure I do more for him to let him know I appreciate all he does!

  70. I love that my husband is a family man. Truly. He wants to be with us. He enjoys doing family things. After 8 years it still surprises me when he wants me to go along with him somewhere or when he wants to take us away as a family.
    He also, unlike me is not such a people pleaser. If he sets his mind to something he is going to do it or change it no matter what others might say about him. At one time the enemy was using that in a negative way in his life but now, since he has committed his life to the Lord I see him wanting to pray in public or with unchurched family and not being afraid. He’s becoming the leader I have prayed for him to be.
    I love him so!

  71. My husband loves me unconditionally. He’s not perfect and neither am I. He’s a great father. It brings me such joy to see how much he loves our son. He provides for us, allowing me to be a part-time stay at home mom. He’s dedicated to me and our marriage!

  72. My husband has stayed beside me and supported me through some serious health issues, which left me unable to have more children, despite the fact that even though we have a daughter, he so badly wanted a son. Even though I was devastated by the thought that I couldn’t bear more children, and felt like I had let him down, he let me know how much he loves me no matter what, and he is just glad that my health crisis is over.. and we are still together with our daughter, and we are happy. My husband loves me unconditionally..the best kind of love.

  73. My husband is an enormous blessing! Our marriage is one of those that has always, through the grace of God, been like a place of respite from the rest of the world. He changes diapers. He works hard to provide for our family. He’s just so much fun to be around. 🙂 Love that guy!

  74. I don’t really know where to start. There just isn’t enough time to say how much my husband blesses me. So I’ll just name a few.

    My husband HATES his job!!! Yet he goes there everyday to provide for his family and to give us all that we need and lots that we just “want”.

    He really thinks I am beautiful and sexy. He lets me know this no matter if I dressed to the hilt or just rolled out of bread. That really makes a woman feel good about herself even while seeing all her flaws.

    He eats whatever I cook without complaint. He has never not eaten what I have mede him for dinner even when it was hard to stomach.

    Most of all he is a God-loving, God -fearing man and he strives to serve God in every way.

    Thanks for letting us share what a blessing a marriage can be if two people really let God give them that.

  75. I answered back in November, but am willing to think of another reason *wink wink* My husband loves me without wavering. He hugs me when I want to scream, which makes me realize that I don’t REALLY want to scream- I just needed him to hug me. He can fix ANYTHING. I don’t know how he knows what to do, but he just does. People call him, “Hey, Kevin,our dishwasher broke.” He hops in the car, fixes it. He does it cuz he’s a just a nice guy. And, he makes me laugh every day. I love that guy…

  76. My husband is a blessing to me and our boys. When he gets home from work they both get so excited to see their daddy. I’m blessed because my husband goes to work at a job he mostly likes, provides for our family, and puts up with me. I thank God that He put us together.

  77. I love that he tells me I’m beautiful even when I haven’t combed my hir and m sitting in my Jammie’s. Also who doesn’t live a text message during the day that simply says “I love you” 🙂

  78. Oh, I’m so glad that you re-posted this. I only recently found out about you. 🙂

    I love my husbands passion. It matters not what he’s passionate about. I tell my baby boy often, “You will never, ever doubt your Daddy’s love.” My man is passionate and loves deeply. It takes a special man to be that way! It’s the one thing I love the absolute most about him.

  79. My husband blesses me in too many ways. Two main ways are his willingness to follow God’s calling to become a youth pastor and that he makes me coffee every morning. I love him very much.

  80. My husband is always willing to help out with the housework that I have not quite finished when he gets home from work! I am not very good at getting everything done in one day! It usually takes me about three days what it takes some people only one! I know I know that is terrible but my husband still loves me! And my goodness he looks so hot when he is folding clothes with me or loading the dishwasher! And I work outside the home on Thursdays and he takes such good care of our babies and has dinner on the table when I get home! He is the greatest husband ever and I love him so much!

  81. There are so many things I love about my husband, that I just don’t have the time to say them all. He is thoughtful by doing dishes (yeah!), he loves to play with the children – in that goofy Daddy way. He is such an amazing caretaker of our family.He makes us all laugh til we cry (or almost pee our pants -in come people’s case ;-}). Most importantly, he prays for us and LEADS us. How happy I am to see all you ladies out there loving your husbands by building them up. God bless you all!!

  82. My Husband is my true Soul mate! He is the best cook, something I feel I will never learn how to do. He is also excellent with our two children. He always makes time for us even though he works 10 hrs or more a day. There really isn’t anything not to love about him! So blessed to have him in our lives!

  83. My husband does the little things that reminds me I’m important to him. He’ll randomly call me beautiful or say he’s proud of me. And not to get anything in return.
    He’ll remember stuff, like I don’t even have to order when we go out to eat b/c he knows my favs.
    But I think the best is the kiss when we wake up, when he leaves for work, when he gets home, and before we fall asleep. Of course, there are more inbetween, but those keep us connected on days life seems to take us in different directions.

  84. I love that on a day filled with fake sentiments, we are quite comfortable with texting: I love you more than a fat kid loves cake. And he tops that with correcting it to say ‘chocolate cake’. Doesn’t take much when you have a time-tested love.

  85. I am can’t begin to list the ways my husband is a blessing to me so I will just say this, “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” Somg of Solomon 6:3

  86. My husband is simply incredible. He does so many little things every day & I never doubt the love he holds for me & for our children. I’m the one who misses the hamper, & it drives him crazy, but he doesn’t worry about the little stuff like that & loves me anyway. He will do things that he HATES just to make my life easier (dishes & long drives). And I never have to go very long without a hug, kiss, or an “I love you”. He is amazing & I am so thankful that he chose to give me the rest of our lives to enjoy his presence.

  87. My husband is laid back and quiet and balances my whirl-wind life which I’ve sucked him into! He is my best friend and can make me laugh like no one else can. I love that he is a Christian husband and father.

  88. Today, when I arrived home after a grueling day with adorable 4 and 5 year old little ones, my dear sweet husband presented me with a card that he had painstakingly picked out. “Happy Valentine’s Day, My Beautiful Wife!” was the first thing he said. I opened the card and read it. It was as if I were hearing his voice say everything that was in it! The card couldn’t have been more perfect in sentiment! He took the time to pick out the card most like himself in what it said. I know that may seem silly to many, but for someone who’s main love language (or rather, one of TWO main ones) is words of affirmation, that is one of the most caring things he could do for me! I love that he knows who I am and what makes me tick…. AND he responds to who I am because he know that it is important to me.

  89. My husband works hard to take care of us, not only by his job, but at home also. He cuts firewood in the summer so we’ll be warm in the winter. He takes care of our water system so we don’t get sick from the water. And he’s studying like crazy to get a promotion at work. He tells me about his day, but shields me from the things I don’t need to hear. He looks out for our well-being.

  90. My husband is the GREATEST! We have had our rough times but I love him now more than ever and our relationship has gotten sweeter and more romantic as we’ve worked out our problems together. I love how he helps me around the house whenever he senses that I am getting stressed and he always has a level head in every situation!

  91. there is nothing like my husbands laugh and smile! i love it! He is the hardest worker i know, an awesome provider, and very wise! Most importantly, he has a heart to work for God! I really do love him! we were meant for each other!

  92. My husband’s kindness, I’ve never met a personal who thinks so rarely of himself. One of his favorite quotes (I can’t remember who said it) “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less”. He presents love in action on a minute by minute basis. He gives and gives and sees myself and our son as a ministry, his first and most important ministry, seminary is second. He works hard to care for us and never complains, then gets home to an overwhelmed wife (I’m ashamed to admit) and pitches in to do what he can around the house. I don’t know why God saw fit to bless me with a spouse I do not deserve but He did and I am blessed for it.

    ps. also, we’ve been married almost 7 years and he still can’t keep his hands off me. I take it for granted and I need to remember how much of a blessing that is as well. Thank you for giving me the outlet to list these things. There are many more things I could say but I don’t want to swamp you with the detailed delightfulness of my Nathan.

  93. My husband sees the best in me and shares it out loud with others. I’m blessed that he publically compliments me and makes me feel smart and beautiful in a crowd of strangers. He blesses me that he wants to try to be handy for us even though he’s not always the best at it, he knows I appreciate and love that he tries to fix things around the house, cause that’s how I was raised and most times he does a wonderful job of it. I have been pleasantly surprised many times by his success. He is loving and conversational with my grandmother… and that means the world to me!!

  94. I have been married 11 years. I am blessed to be the bride of my Husband. My husband is a good provider. He adores his children and is very involved in telling them how valuable they are to God and him. He calls me every day from work just to let me know he loves me believes in me and is praying protection and grace for my day. I love the way he loves people daily he comes in contact with always looking for ways to show Gods love. My husband makes me want to be a better daughter, mother, wife, friend and a child of God. He is not Mr. Perfect. He is Mr. forgiven and because of Gods love he is very loving and graceful.

  95. My husband blesses me because he does so much of the cooking and cleaning. We both work, but when he gets home he often will cook a meal and clean. He not only doesn’t mind, but he enjoys it.

  96. My wife blesses me daily. Every single thing about my wife blesses my life. We are due today with our first child, Keerstin. From the moment she wakes up expecting everyone to include our dog and cat to jump in bed and give her hugs and kisses to the way she acts so goofy. I tell her everyday that God gave me an angel to marry!!! Her amazing heart for children and animals, her love for life, her amazing smile, her expectations, her heart to give, her need to need me, and so many more. One of my favorite things about my wife is her expectations for me to be a Godly man at all times. Her ability to hold me accountable to God for my comments and actions. Her expectations of being a man from opening her door when she gets in the car to going to bed at the same time. She holds me accountable as a man to this day after 12 years of marriage. My wife Carissa is just a blessing from God everyday. I guess you might say, I am obsessed with my wife. I even love her ability to shop till she drops attitude!!! Its hard to believe but true. I am the luckiest man on the face of this planet!

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