Instilling Independence in Homeschooled (or Any) Children

As homeschool parents, we carry our children’s education primarily, or in many cases entirely, in our own hands. That’s a school bus full of responsibility that most of us take very seriously. (Let’s not talk about the days when we toss it all and make chocolate chip cookies and call it dinner, math, and home ec.)

Despite the numerous blessings of homeschooling, there is a potential downside—we well-meaning parents can be over-involved in our children’s education and handicap our future young adults.

What?! What could possibly be wrong with being involved in every aspect of our child’s education?

At the risk of getting kicked out of the cookie line at the next homeschool convention, I want to point out two big problems with parental over-involvement.

1.) The child loses respect for the parent as a person as parental needs are repeatedly placed second to the demands of the child’s needs and education, to an extreme; this pattern is then repeated toward others throughout the child’s life. (The me-first mentality.)

2.) The child’s potential to be resourceful, to persevere, and to become a responsible, self-motivated, independent adult is, at best, hindered, if not handicapped.

Read the rest over at The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew Blog. (That’s a mouthful.)

2 thoughts on “Instilling Independence in Homeschooled (or Any) Children”

  1. Wonderful post! You mentioned your Charlotte Mason lifestyle—does that mean you are an AmblesideOnline-er? I’m starting year 0 with my 5 year old after winging it last year. That being said, I was raised and schooled by my mother who was a CM follower, and even just winging it; following her examples from my school days, I am very happy with what we achieved! But I’m excited to have some more direction and hear from other Ambleside Online experiences.
    Also! We are moving into a school bus conversion we are currently still in the process of converting! I haven’t roved over your blog posts yet, but it’s so neat to find other likeminded, Jesus following, Charlotte Mason influenced mother’s who have similar visions for their families home life.
    Would love to hear from you!

    1. Hi Anneli!

      We are not Ambleside Online-ers. I followed them loosely for a while, but I’m more relaxed than that, especially since hitting the road. If anything, we’re more like

      How exciting that you’ll be a traveling family! It is definitely an interesting lifestyle. We write about that over at our other blog and on our YouTube channel,

      I’m very happy to have met you! I’d be interested to see your conversion progress and learn about your travels. Do you post anywhere?

      Thank you for dropping by and introducing yourself! Blessings!

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