If I Am Silent, Their Blood Is on My Hands

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Why am I speaking up?

I was warned that taking on a topic like this could lose me half my followers, possibly all. It is blogger suicide. Plus it will likely further alienate a few friends and family members. Do I care? Of course I do! Being “unfriended” by relatives on Facebook and in real life because I’m passionate and open about babies’ right to life is hurtful, I admit.

Then why am I bringing this up? Why don’t I just keep quiet? After all, resistance is dangerous to my blog, to my business, to my family’s income, to my relationships, to family peace. As much as I dislike it, that’s a small price to pay when you consider that resistance in Hitler’s time often cost the stalwart their lives…and this issue is bigger.

Silence today is more expensive even than resistance in Hitler’s day. Babies in America are being killed at a rate of around a million a year, give or take a few hundred thousand individual lives. Can you even fathom those numbers? I can’t, but I know that is a lot of blood. If I am silent, their blood is on my hands.

So I speak up, and I ask you to speak up for those who cannot.

Why am I speaking up? Because silence is murder. 

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

~Ronald Reagan

These numbers blow my mind.

Prior to the 2008 election, I was conversing with a dear teacher-friend who was voting for Obama. Why? Obama was black, and if a black man could become President, the little black boy in this teacher’s class would have hope–he too could be anything.

I find voting according to race to be racist by definition, but I see that friend’s heart was in the right place. Yes, that one boy could someday become President. Why? Because he was allowed to live. In the year 2013 alone, the number of black babies that were aborted in New York City surpassed the number of black babies that were born–over 60%. In fact, nearly one-third of all black babies in New York State are aborted. Where is the hope in that? Black lives matter?

If you want the hard-nosed, black-and-white, ugly imagery that I’ve heard before but which I generally avoid, I ask you and me both this question: Would it bother us more if they lined up black babies and shot every third one with a handgun…licensed, of course? Would it bother us more if we could see it? Would we open our mouths? Black lives matter–all of them.

While blacks lead the way in voluntary abortions, other races contribute to the over 3,000 babies who die in America every day. Every stinkin’ day while we’re sipping lattes and doing yoga and voting for pro-choice candidates and stressing over breast versus bottle, over 3,000 babies are dying and our government is saying that’s okay.

It’s not okay!

“If you care about the slaughter of the innocent, then for God’s sake, speak up!”

~R.C. Sproul

I’m sick.

I’m literally sick to my stomach. I can’t comprehend the sheer number of unborn babies that have been killed in my lifetime. It’s heart-wrenching. It’s a sucker punch to the gut. And it’s all done for the woman.

I hurt for the woman. For all the women. All the women that have believed the lies they were told, that this was a way out, that there was no other option, that they were doing what was best, that it was just a bunch of cells, perhaps a life, but not a person, to die is better than to live in poverty or in a single-parent home–the pain those women have to live with is unimaginable.

I hurt for women as a whole, to think that by giving ourselves the right to kill what only we can protect, we have somehow become greater, broken free, having risen above the “miraculous curse” of being able to create life within us. I hurt that we must be “nasty” and hurtful to be “great.”

I’ve listened to them–to both sides. They hurt! Not all of them, no. Some claim they would do it again and many, many, many women have multiple abortions. Why not! It’s legal, so it must be okay. Rather than being the last resort that it was intended as, many women are turning to it too quickly.

These babies are “the least of these.” These are the unseen who cry out and are not heard. They cannot stand up for themselves. They need us to stand up for them.

But what about…?

Yes, I know there are many who are already born and need to be cared for. (My desire to save some does not preclude or undermine the desire to save the rest.) I know there are gray areas where the mother’s life is at risk or “health is jeopardized”–a loose 12%. I know that 1% of pregnancies resulting in abortions are claimed as rape or incest. I know the abortion rate has decreased in recent years.

I know the arguments about religious intolerance, increased contraception, decreased shame, decreasing the toll on the poor, limiting danger to the mother through legality, decreasing child abuse, lowering the burden on society…I know the arguments from the opposition, and why most of them fall flat, because I study this topic. And no, thank you, I don’t get my information from FoxNews as I have been accused.

There is nothing anyone can say to change the black and white fact that a baby–a real living human person–is “legally” killed with every abortion.

I for one am ashamed for what little I’ve done and how slowly I’ve spoken up.

Are you silent?

Please don’t be silent on this issue. If you don’t speak out for the unborn babies, the least of these, who will?

We must ask ourselves this: What have I done to save them? Is it more important to me to be non-confrontational and non-offensive than it is to save these innocent lives? Is it more important to me to vote my party lines than to save these babies?  Am I contributing to their deaths by standing sheepishly in my safe zone? Am I contributing to their deaths by voting for those who would continue to offer abortions on demand? Would I rather keep peace than save lives?

The answer: If I am not for them…

To each of us who says, “I wouldn’t do it, but what other women do to their bodies is their choice,” I ask this question: if she were holding that baby in her arms instead of her womb, would we let her kill that child? Would we stand by and say nothing as she ended that life, either of her own free will or under pressure from others? Would we let her poison or physically maul that baby? Would we shoot every third black baby in the state of New York?

Well, would we?

No, it’s not different. Science is proving what Christians have been saying all along–an unborn baby is a life, a person…just like you…just like your own child…the child who had a chance to live.

“I am putting pro-life justices on the court,”

~Donald Trump

Let’s get political.

I know for a fact that the friend I mentioned earlier has a very tender heart, and that it bleeds for the babies that have died, yet that person voted for a party that now has only two remaining pro-life members. I know that party seeks to reduce abortions while maintaining woman’s rights, and their “intent” is female freedom, not murder, but millions are dying in the meantime. Their focus on prioritizing the woman’s right to not be pregnant over the child’s right to not be killed is frustrating even those Democrats who are pro-life.

There are many issues being debated in the current political election in America–economic, social, environmental, foreign, and more. There are hard topics out there–illegals, feeding the poor, gun-control, and many, many, many more. Many of these issues fall predominately into gray areas, where we can optimistically hope that all citizens and politicians believe their opposing views are in the best interest of our nation and her people. Every successful abortion, however, results in a child’s death; there is no gray area there. Abortion equals death.

There are many problems with both candidates; anyone who says otherwise is in denial, and I don’t mean the river. One is portrayed as uncouth and chauvinistic. The other is said to be deceitful and promote gender wars. You pick which is which. There is one thing, however, that both sides agree on.

The next president will be offering up nominations for the Supreme Court. Both sides have said that with the nomination of the next Supreme Court Justice, the legality of abortion on demand is at stake.

Don’t throw your vote away. Don’t stay home because neither candidate is ideal. Don’t vote death because you “can’t vote Trump.” If you care about life, help America get her feet back under her with a Supreme Court Justice who will offer justice to all Americans.

I don’t know if abortion on demand will ever be illegal. We won’t be able to save all lives before they’re born any more than we can save all lives after. But maybe we can do a little. Maybe, just maybe your voice, your vote, your stalwart determination to step into the firing range for the least of these will save a life…or a million.

Hillary Clinton has assured us that her nominees for the Supreme Court Justice seat will have to undergo a litmus test to prove they are strongly pro-choice. Her smoothly serpentine and emotional appeal to allow women to choose completely undermines the black and white truth that a life is being ended with every single abortion. Her confessed hope to keep abortions “rare” would be best met if she herself were to vote for the opposition. Her desire to not “rip families apart” in regard to illegals is completely contradictory to her voting to allow the closest possible bond between two family members to be torn asunder at a woman’s choosing. She is unapologetically “respectful of the woman’s right to choose.”

Let’s be unapologetically respectful of those who have no choice. Vote life.

“More than a decade ago, a Supreme Court decision literally wiped off the books of fifty states statutes protecting the rights of unborn children. Abortion on demand now takes the lives of up to 1.5 million unborn children a year. Human life legislation ending this tragedy will some day pass the Congress, and you and I must never rest until it does. Unless and until it can be proven that the unborn child is not a living entity, then its right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must be protected.”

~Ronald Reagan


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  1. The one thing I have to say is thank you. You already know where your reward is, and I’m reasonably sure you also know I won’t be unfollowing or unsubscribing.

  2. It’s a sad time when one is worried about backlash when standing for the innocence of the unborn. It’s an even sadder time when women feel it’s their “right” to kill, “because it’s their body”.
    I guess you know where I stand. God bless you for standing up.

  3. God bless you for being a voice to the voiceless! I also encourage people to reach out to their local Right to Life Chapter or Crisis Pregnancy Center to reach these women one on one with love, encouragement and prayer.

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