Can You Use the Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle as You Simplify?

Before you read this post, I want you to know something. I want you to know that every time I am asked to participate in a bundle sale, I struggle. I struggle with the idea of introducing you to 86 ebooks and an e-course and 9 bonuses, because that’s a lot of stuff. I preach simplifying, and having a lot of stuff is not simplifying. Second, while there are some excellent items in here, I don’t have the time to read through all the ebooks, so I can’t personally recommend each one, and that matters to me. I don’t preach “fear” to my readers, and I can’t guarantee the bundle isn’t 100% fear-free. Third, I receive a commission on every purchase you make through my link, and, while I love that you support The Simple Homemaker site through your purchases, I never want you to think I’m promoting something just for the money, and I don’t ever want you to feel pressured to buy. That’s why I often say “no” when I’m invited to share these deals with you.

So why am I participating? Because some of these resources are excellent, the price is amazing, Christmas is coming (think gifts), and there are a good many people who could benefit from this bundle. If it’s not you, please don’t feel pressured to purchase, and please don’t unsubscribe just because I’m sharing a great deal with others who may be interested. If you want to unsubscribe because of my lame humor, I totally get that. Thanks for listening. Onward!

Ebook bundle sales are a growing trend in the ebook world. The team at Ultimate Bundles know this, so they worked hard at making this Healthy Living Bundle totally worth your while. Totally! I for one think they could have made it better…if they coated it all in chocolate. Ha ha. Little joke. It wouldn’t hurt you to laugh. Ooookay, then, moving onward.

Read the details about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle here.

Here’s my super brief summary of the Ultimate Bundle. (You don’t think I can be super brief, do you? Just watch!):

  • 86-ebook library worth $809
  • FREE 12-week online conference with over 40 authors worth $67
  • 9 FREE physical and online bonuses worth $158
  • Total value of $1034 for $29.97

See, that is ultimate! (And I was super brief. Apology accepted.)

Get the full scoop on the Ultimate Bundle here.

Now I want to tell you from my perspective who would benefit from this bundle so you don’t spend superfluously or complicate your life. While you’re skimming through, keep your eyes open for anything that will help simplify your life. Simplify! For example, in my season of life, making my own beauty products is not simplifying, but whipping up 15-minute freezer meals totally is. Adding to your load is not simplifying! Cluttering your life with things you will never get to is not simplifying! Building a solid resource library to meet current or future needs is simplifying. Get it? Good. Onward.

Who could benefit from this healthy living collection?

1) Anyone wanting to cook healthier, tastier meals for their family.

Real Food

2) Anyone with a hubby and kiddos who want you to break free from the usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner ruts so easy to fall into.

More Food

3) People dealing with food allergies who would like help, fresh ideas, and encouragement from others who have been there. I totally empathize with this. It can be overwhelming!


4) Anyone wanting to clean without chemicals and not wanting to scour the web for “green-clean” recipes. I’m in this boat, but I don’t have the time to move beyond a few basics without complicating my life right now. This is therefore not an immediate selling point for me, except that it could be a valuable part of a resource library for the future. (I show you how to organize a ebook library later this week.)


5) Anyone who is not me who wants to fit exercise into her day. Ahem. Oh, and anyone who is me who wants more energy. Hmmm. Correlation? Nah.

get fit

6) Your kids, who want homemade sweets from a mama who may want to be cutting back on sugar. That’s totally me…and my kids…and my man.


7) Your hubby, who totally wants to smooch your ruby red lips without eating your lipstick made from coal-tar, lead, and aphid-cousins. Um, gag! He’ll appreciate the recipe for homemade lip balm so you can ditch the stick. Who needs bright red, anyway!


8) Those of you interested in stocking a more natural medicine cabinet.

Natural Remedies

9) Anyone experiencing emotional or physical difficulty that life throws our way. Sometimes we need to stop everything else and get these aspects of life in order to be able to move forward.

Life Troubles

10) Your brown thumb–the one that always wanted to become a green thumb. Mine is doomed to be brown forever.

Green thumb

11) Anyone who eats more than once or twice a week–the meal plan tools will be a big hit. Check out that homeschool version. I am all about meal planning! This is a crucial aspect to a simple home!

Meal plans

12) Anyone wanting to enjoy life a little more and stress a little less.  Hello! They’re totally preaching to the choir here! I should have written those books. 🙂

Destress and Enjoy

13) Anyone that wants to be armed with an extensive library of natural, healthy, and practical solutions to the wacky situations life can throw at a person in a day, or who wants to gift others!

Other stuff

And there’s much, much more!

Did you see yourself in any of those? I did…but not in the lipstick-wearing one. I don’t like to freak my readers out, but that’s just disgusting. If I wore lipstick, I would totally be buying this…even though I already bought it.

Check out the Ultimate Bundle here…especially if you wear lipstick! 😉

Here are a few extra reasons you may want to buy:

  1. Skim through the included books and see if there are a few you have been wanting. If the total price of the books you want is more than the total bundle, buy the whole thing for less cash and download only the ones you want, or download them all and give the rest away.
  2. Christmas is coming. You can use ebooks as gifts. More on giving ebooks as gifts here.
  3. You want the laundry detergent for free, which is regularly almost as much as the entire bundle.
  4. You want any of the other bonuses.
  5. You want to host a giveaway or 86 giveaways on your own blog or launch a blog with a giveaway.
  6. You want to build a resource library for future use. (I teach you how to organize your ebook library here.)
  7. You want to read all the books this week and show up next Monday at the office or homeschool co-op totally smarter than anyone else…ever! (That’s really why I bought it, since I don’t wear lipstick. Just so you know, you won’t learn how to make lipstick–it’s lip balm)

Learn how to get smarter than anyone else…ever! 😉

Who should not buy this bundle?

  • My mom and sister-in-law who don’t read ebooks.
  • My grandma, whose computer doesn’t work and who doesn’t have a Kindle or smart phone or smart anything else…except a smart husband…and a super-smart granddaughter…at least after she reads all these books! 😉
  • My dog, who doesn’t have opposable thumbs and can’t read very well.
  • Anyone who gets a few too many wrong answers in “When a Good Deal Isn’t.”

Get the details on the bundle by clicking here

or skip the middle man (which is me–hi!) and

click here to go straight to the Ultimate Bundle site to buy.

You can also try out the buy button, which is much more fun. Wheeee.

(That last link is an affiliate link. That means if you purchase the bundle through that link, I receive a commission at no extra cost to you. It’s how I buy ebooks to get super smart and homeschool books to make super smart kids.)



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