There are two things I’ve learned as a discrete nursing mother traveling to churches across the country with my Christian musician husband:

Free Nursing Cover-UpYou know that really cool one-way glass that allows you to see out of the nursing mothers’ room, but supposedly doesn’t let anyone see into the nursing mothers’ room…emphasis on “supposedly?”  It doesn’t work.


Free Nursing Cover-UpAs soon as this nursing mother is situated in the nursing mothers’ room, a kindly gentleman will pop in to see if we need anything, and the curious baby will throw off the blankie cover-up just to see if that man-voice in the mothers’ room belongs to her fun daddy, which, unfortunately, it rarely does, since my man doesn’t hang out in nursing mothers’ rooms.

I am in no way implying that you yourself cannot stand in front of the TWO-way glass and nurse your baby, so, please, no nurse-ins on my driveway. My personal nursing preference is to remain as covered as possible. If I could pop up an instant tent for feeding my baby discreetly, I would, complete with a glider and stocked mini-frig. That is why I was happy to discover Udder Covers.

Udder Covers Review

I recently began using a nursing smock by a company called Udder Covers.  Get it? Udder Covers. Okay, so they could have chosen a better name. Moo.

Free Nursing Cover-Up

The product itself, however, is fantastic!

This is why:

Free Nursing Cover-UpIt is an ideal size to cover me, my baby, and the love handles left over from growing that little cutie.  It is much better than my previous nursing smock, which is approximately the size of a hankie.


Free Nursing Cover-UpThe smock fastens around my neck, secured by a metal O (or D) ring, and is easily adjusted with one hand—one hand, Mamas! No need to grow that third arm, after all!


Free Nursing Cover-Up

It fits neatly into my too-small-for-a-mama-of-seven purse, although, admittedly, it is not wrinkle-free when I pull it out. Then again, I’m not wrinkle-free either, so we’re a good match.


Free Nursing Cover-UpThe upper section of the smock contains bendable boning to hold it open enough for the air to circulate, because one thing I’ve learned over my extensive years of parenting is that babies like oxygen. When I’m finished, I roll the boning up, wrap the smock around it, and shove it in my purse, and it maintains its shape—don’t fold the boning, though, Girls.

Free Nursing Cover-Up

The flexible boning allows baby to see me which reduces the urge to pull off the smock to have a peek at what she’s missing…such as the aforementioned kindly gentleman in the mothers’ room.



It also allows me to see my baby, so I see this:

Free Nursing Cover-Up

While anybody looking at me sees this:

Free Nursing Cover-Up

Okay, maybe more like this:

Free Nursing Smock

Unless they do this:

Free Nursing Smock

Which the gentlemen in the mothers’ room don’t generally do.

Hey, you get a smock for free! Really! Here’s how to get your own nursing smock:

How to Get Your Own FREE Nursing Smock

There are two ways to get a free nursing smock:

  1. Order one (but pay shipping)
  2. Hmmm…apparently there’s only one way.

If you would like to order an Udder Covers smock for free, simply enter the code SIMPLE1 at checkout. You will be charged for shipping and handling. While this is not really free in my book, it is a huge savings of $32.

For an additional $5, you can upgrade to a gift set as seen here:

Free Nursing Smock

It includes

  • a smock in the chic style of your choice;
  • four cotton nursing pads that really work (really!);
  • a corresponding milk band designed to help you keep track of your feeding details. (I used the bracelet for several days and found it somewhat useful, but being an on-demand, experienced feeder, I opted not to continue using it.)

You supply the baby.

Order your free smock here!

Disclosure Statement: While you can turn the smock around backwards and transform it into a Supermom cape, it will not enable you to fly. Don’t ask me why I know this. Also, Udder Covers gave me a free gift set to test and review.  I have been using it for a couple years both at home and on the road and base my review on my personal experience and the comments of random strangers in the nursing mother rooms, nothing more.

Another Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links. Any money earned through affiliate links feeds the kiddos that aren’t nursing.  

Special thanks to my photographer and my mini model for their help.Free Nursing Smock

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