Is getting organized on your list of to-dos for the new year?  Need a hand?  Enjoy these free or nearly free tools for getting organized in the new year.

But…before you start going download crazy, heed this caution.   Do not overwhelm yourself with the process of preparing to organize, such that you never actually do it.  (Says experience.)  Don’t overclutter your life with “helpful” tools.  Keep it simple.  Say it with me: simple.

Free or Nearly Free Tools for Getting Organized

getting organized Vista Print freebiesVista Print is offering six free products, including two types of calendars.  The personalized post-it notes and note cards would be a hit in someone’s Easter basket. (I know, it’s barely past Christmas.)  Plus Grandma (or The Simple Homemaker) would love a personalized calendar.  Shipping fees apply.  I have had good experiences with Vista Print.

Visit Vista Print Here

Getting OrganizedGet Organized Wizard is selling the 2012 Organize-in-Five Diary for only $4.95.  That’s a discount of 87% for a limited time only. It also comes free with some of their other products.  Nice, eh? The diary gives you one organizational task a day, each slotted to take about five minutes.  I own this, I like this, ‘nuf said.

Visit Get Organized Wizard Here

 tools for getting organizedGet a free Kindle version of the book Organize for a Fresh Start: Embrace Your Next Chapter in Life by Susan Fay West.  It addresses how to organize your home and manage your time within the home.  If you do not have a Kindle, you can download a free e-reader app for your computer at Amazon.  Prices change, so check the cost before buying. (I have not read this book.)

Get Your Free Copy Here

 tools for getting organizedDownload a free 2012 declutter calendar from My Simpler Life with a mission a day throughout the year.  Beth of My Simpler Life is also the author of 365 Days to a Saner, Simpler Life which you can download for $4.95. (I have not read this book, so cannot recommend it personally.)

Download Your Free 2012 Declutter Calendar

Buy 365 Days to a Saner, Simpler Life

Download a host of free resources from Money-Saving-Mom.  This links to six of them, but follow her links from there to find more.  I believe we’re due for another reminder not to go download crazy.

Download Your Free Resources Here

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What am I using to help me stay organized in the new year?  A calendar, scrap paper and pencil (for my ultra-simple lists), my computer for my long-term lists, the 2012 Organize-in-Five Diary (which is something new I’m trying this year), and, of course, my subscription to The Simple Homemaker!  (I must run.  I’m late for my meeting of Self-Promoter’s Anonymous…although by definition none of us self-promoters are anonymous.)

Have a great time getting organized in the New Year!