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Christy Bagasao Headshot 2013Let’s face it–you’re not going to get a quality article by farming it out and paying $5. You need a reputable writer, a well-researched piece, and, hey, a little humor wouldn’t hurt either. You’re in the right place.

My work has been featured on popular blogs such as Stacy Makes Cents and The Humbled Homemaker.

I have been published in both print and online magazines such as The Old Schoolhouse and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

I am also the founder of the blogs The Simple Homemaker and The Travel Bags, as well as the retired blog Notable Blogger.

Quality Guarantee

I guarantee satisfaction on my articles, never submitting anything I wouldn’t be proud to put my name on. If it’s really bad, I just put someone else’s name on it. (That was a little joke.)

I offer unlimited revisions until you are more than satisfied; rest assured that revision requests are rare.

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I actively promote my writing through my social media networks and my email list (when relevant to my loyal audience).

I currently have over 11,000 Facebook fans, over 2600 Twitter peeps, 800-ish Instagram followers, and more than 10,300 Pinterest followers. I also have an email list of approximately 1000 real people–no robots–with whom I share articles if they fit that niche.

Published Samples

Included below is a handful of published samples with links to the whole article when available.

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Sticking to Your Budget at Christmas

10 Tips for Sticking to Your Budget at Christmas“Christmas is just around the corner. While your kids are enjoying sweet dreams of stuffed stockings and presents under the tree, you’re suffering through nightmares about your budget shattering like Humpty Dumpty on an off day. It’s a legitimate fear. Through some strange twist of cosmic irony, people who are religiously responsible with their finances eleven months out of the year, often ditch reason and overspend when Christmas temptations roll around.

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Affording a Large Family: 15 Ways to Make It Work

Affording a Large Family“They say you can have either children or money, but not both. Why? Because “they” (and “they” know all things) say it costs $235,000 to raise a child from infancy through age 17, and then there’s college. Does anyone know the Heimlich maneuver, ‘cuz I’m choking on that number.

I have 7 children, people! While the costs decrease by 22% for large families (hand-me-downs, multi-child discounts, and bulk food), that’s still 1.25 million big ones, and that’s kicking the offspring out the door at 17. Someone get the defibrillator! Clear!

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Traveling with Children: Keeping Kids Happy on the Road

travel babyMy husband and I have been traveling with our children since our oldest was a few months old.  She is now 15 years old.  By “travel” I mean a minimum of a 4000-mile road trip…minimum.  Now we tour the country full-time with my husband’s music missionBy “we” I mean my husband and me, seven children ranging from infancy to 15 years, and a 130-pound dog. 

Experience being the greatest teacher, I have a few tips to share from our travels.”

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Making the Most of the Weeks Before Christmas

Christmas Prep - Making the Most“It’s the final hour. The big day is practically here. Are you ready? How’s your sanity? How’s your family?  

It’s tempting every year to turn this final week of what is intended to be a joyous celebration into a major push to get everything done–presents under the tree, hair tied in rags for Christmas Eve curls, fudge made, elaborate dinner perfected, house spotlessly cleaned and decorated, shoes shined, choir music rehearsed to perfection, Advent devotions pushed through, and kids…oh, what about the kids?

What about the kids? What about that man you married? What about the mama that birthed you and the grandmother that loved you before her baby was even old enough to have you?

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Adopting a Corn-Free Diet

Adopting-a-Corn-Free-Diet-TheHumbledHomemaker.com_“I was in shock. The list of a dozen foods the allergist said to eliminate from my daughter’s diet was in complete opposition to my simple “everything in moderation” philosophy.

Nevertheless,we were willing to do anything for our girl, so goodbye moderation, hello elimination!

Because we were eating some processed foods, the hardest aspect was going corn free. Eliminating or reducing corn in the diet involves more than avoiding corn as a vegetable on your dinner plate. Corn is in everything, and I’m only slightly exaggerating. Still, it does not always have to be as difficult as this shell-shocked mama initially thought.”

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Giving Children Individual Attention in a Large Family

Large family“A pervasive myth about large families is that there isn’t enough time to spend with each child.  As a mother of seven, I am a qualified “large family myth buster.”  Let’s lay that myth to rest.

First, remove the misunderstanding of the term “time together.”  Spending time with a child does not always have to be a scheduled parent-child activity.  While those are terrific, and we love them, the majority of the bonding and together time that takes place in our family is unscripted.  Whether cooking, walking, working on a project, cleaning, folding laundry, playing cards, running a business or mission, or bathing the dog, the everyday activities of life, performed together, qualify as together time.”

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Here is what others have to say about my writing:

Stacy Myers, Stacy Makes Cents

Stacy Makes Cents“Christy brings a great deal of truth and thoughtfulness in every piece that she writes. Her words not only bring truth through life experience, but also a side of laughter which is sorely lacking in most writing these days.”

Becky, Purposeful Homemaking

Purposeful HomemakingChristy has written several blog posts for me at www.purposefulhomemaking.com and what I appreciate most about her writing is her ability to take everyday life lessons and share them with others in an inspirational and encouraging way. I have always enjoyed her writing and she inspired me in my role as a mother

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