Stephen Bautista and The Simple HomemakerI am a Christian.

Wait! Don’t run away screaming and unsubscribe!  Hear me out.

I know sometimes Christians get a bad rap…and sometimes we deserve it.

I know everyone has met Christians who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  Sometimes that’s me.  I’m not perfect.

I know everyone has met Christians who get down on others, get a little judgmental, make you think they have it all together.  Sometimes that’s me.  I’ve got a bad case of “human.”

I know everyone has met Christians who are a mess, grumping at their kids, disrespecting their husbands, getting speeding tickets, mismanaging money, forgetting to put on shoes before heading to the grocery store, and getting weighed down by life. Sometimes that’s me. I can be a mess.

Sometimes that’s me–the imperfect, overly human, messy Christian.

Not only am I a Christian, but I am married to a Christian.

My husband is contemporary Christian musician, Stephen Bautista. He will be the first (second if I get to it first) to tell you that he, too, is imperfect. He will also tell you that it is because he is not good enough that he is a Christian. If you’re already perfect and can get to heaven on your own laurels, what do you need with a savior?

That said…

If you bounce around my blog, you won’t find pages of intimidating God-speak. I only use Bible verses where they are relevant. When I want to share with you the benefits of cleaning with vinegar, I’m going to talk about vinegar, not preach a sermon. When I want to share with you a simple recipe, you’re going to get the recipe. When someone asks me how to homeschool a preschooler, I’m going to talk about homeschooling preschoolers. When we discuss decluttering, we’ll talk about decluttering.


If you bounce around my blog, you will also see that I don’t hide my faith or promote anything that opposes my beliefs. I can never, nor will I ever try to separate my faith in Christ from the rest of my life. It is part of who I am (remember me—the imperfect, overly human, messy Christian). It is what gets me through trials, sorrows, messes, fear, disappointments. It is my constant motivation, my sustenance, my being.


Faith in Christ is what truly simplifies my life. Regardless of what happens in this life—and the Bible assures us it ain’t gonna be pretty, although the Bible says it more eloquently—I can look forward to heaven. No matter what crossroads I encounter, I have Biblical guidance. Despite the trials of life, I know not to worry, not to fear, and not to despair. I am never alone, never forgotten, and never without hope and a reason for joy. That is the ultimate in simple living.

What is that faith in Christ…specifically?

I believe Jesus is God who left heaven and came here to live for me (and you, by the way). Then He died for me (you, too). Why? Because God demands perfection and I ain’t perfect. A perfect God who demands perfection has to be just and punish imperfection. Instead, He punished Jesus, His Son. That perfect life I mentioned–God credits it to me…and every other person who trusts (however imperfectly) in Jesus as The Man! The God! The Savior! So God looks at me and sees perfection…even though you and I look at me and see a mess. Personally, I think that’s pretty awesome. Pretty awesome indeed.

I never want you to feel unwelcome here, nor do I want you to feel I am forcing my faith down your throat with every recipe and simplifying tip. If, however, you want to know more about my faith, please contact me. I’m always happy to share my treasure.