If you are a true coffee connoisseur,  beat a hasty retreat from this post and do not look back. The following guidelines break nearly every rule set forth by the National Coffee Association of USA, Inc., for brewing a fine cup of java perfection.

If, however, all you need in the morning is a surge of joe running through your veins, and you’re happy with church fellowship coffee or a mug of drive-through brew, this post is for you.

Frugal Living for Coffee Drinkers


Following are a few frugal living tips for you coffee lovers to shave nickels and dimes off your daily java habit:
1. Invest in a reusable filter. Instead of throwing away your filter every morning, rinse it out and reuse it.  If, however, you have a septic system, do not rinse the grounds down your sink, since it makes your septic sluggish.  Nobody wants a sluggish septic.

2. Instead of putting a new filter in every morning and adding, say, eight tablespoons of grounds, leave the previous day’s filter and grounds in and add a smaller amount of fresh grounds, perhaps 4 or 5 tablespoons.  Experiment until you find a ratio that satisfies your “coffee tooth.”  Doing this every other day will halve the number of paper filters you use each month, as well as stretch your coffee grounds.

3. Make only enough joe to last you a couple hours. Coffee is best drunk within the first hour anyway.  If you want more later, make it fresh.  Chances are you will drink less coffee (and therefore spend less money) if it is not beckoning to you.

4. If you do make too much, do not pour out the leftover coffee from the previous day.  Heat it up and add it to the day’s brew.  Ideally, you should refrigerate it overnight . . . but we live in the real world.

5. Make your coffee at home rather than spending three or four dollars a day at a coffee house.  Reserve that luxury for a treat.  Coffeemakers are available at all levels, from a small, inexpensive option to the latest, state-of-the-art product that could double as a NASA satellite.  My coffee-lover is quite pleased with our middle-of-the-road model, which is reasonably priced at Amazon, and often available as an even more affordable refurbished product.  If Starbucks is more your style, give this baby a try.

6. Rather than tossing your coffee grounds and paper filter in the trash, give them a second life by adding them to your compost pile.

Perhaps the most effective method of trimming your coffee budget is to give up the joe entirely. But with such promising news about the health benefits of a steady flow of java through the veins of the coffee drinker, why bother!

Forever:  Time it takes to brew the first pot of coffee in the morning.

~Author Unknown