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Truth in the Tinsel

Three things before we begin: This is last year’s review of Truth in the Tinsel, before we got into it much. I’m reposting this, because we really liked it, and I share things I like with you…because I like you. This post contains affiliate links. In fact, I think all the links are affiliate links. Whoa. Intense. If you want to skip my review and…

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Constructive Toys - Wedgits

There are toys, and then there are toys!  Toys! are really great toys for really great kids.  Because keeping the clutter down to a minimum is important at The Simple Home, we tend to limit ourselves to toys! For a toy to fall into the toys! category and thereby be TSHM-approved (That’s “The Simple Homemaker approved.”  Yup, I’ve got my own approval rating system.  Sweet,…

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Pierre Auguste Renoir

Curious about the reading adventures mentioned in Love in Action: Read Aloud to Your Children? Together you’ll travel to Narnia and Treasure Island. You’ll be shipwrecked on an island and make your home in the trees. You’ll discover a noothbrush on your toothbrush and climb to the top of a tree to attend a big dog party. You’ll meet the Moffats and Pippi Longstocking and…

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